5 Questions to Ask Your Next Social Care Employer

An interview is all about the interviewer seeing if you are the right person for the job, but it is also a chance for you to assess if they are the right employer for you. You need to determine if this is a company/employer you are happy to work for, so after preparing for questions an employer may ask you, consider what questions you have for them and take advantage of the time given for you to ask them.

What’s the care ethos of the organisation?

Asking about the care ethos of the company you are looking to work for not only shows that you have a genuine interest in care, but it also allows you to see what kind of organisation you are working for. You need to determine if their morals and values are in line with your own and if they are not, is this a company you would be happy to work for? You could also ask about the companies short or long term goals.

What do you want me to achieve in this role?

After assessing exactly what the company as a whole wants to achieve, it’s a good idea to ask what they hope you achieve in the role. You will have read the job description and have been told more information about the role during the interview, but what exactly do they hope you will achieve?

This question not only shows you are determined and committed, but it will also give you a clear outline of your role and exactly what you are expected to achieve. This could be something you will both discuss together, or they might have a clear idea of what they expect from you. Having a target is beneficial as it will help you determine your own progress and shows you are keen to learn, progress and are an ambitious individual.

How will my performance be evaluated?

It is important you understand exactly how your employer will determine if you are achieving your goals. You may wish to ask who you will be reporting to, what their management style is and if the position is a team role. It is possible that you will have monthly targets to meet or you might have longer goals to achieve.

What would I do on a typical day?

You will have been giving some more general information about the role, however, asking what your job would consist of on a daily basis can give you some more insight. If the role is different day to day, make sure to prove you are flexible and willing to adapt. You can also ask about travel and lifestyle.

Is this a new position?

Enquire if this is a new position, and if so, why was the position created? This will help you better understand the aims of the job. You could also ask what some challenges of the position are to help you understand the role better.

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Charlotte Giver

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