Top 5 Skills an Interviewer Looks For in Candidates

When you’re in search for a job, you normally wonder what exactly the interviewer is going to ask you, and prepare yourself for the questions accordingly. Being prepared for anything that’s thrown your way is the first step to getting that dream job you’re aiming for.

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Let’s take a look at the top five skills that you must possess before you prepare yourself for an interview.

Communication Skills

Research into desirable skills that employers look for in an interview has revealed that 90% of employers look for effective communication skills in their candidates when they come for their first interview.

It means that communication skills are at top of the list for practically any job you apply for. Even when you’re on a night shift and have little social interaction, communication skills still matters. It pertains to all parts of your role, and poor communication can cost you your job.

When you face these questions, a lot of other things will also be considered such as eye contact with your interviewer, your handshake, as well as how your posture and how you present yourself while answering.

Teamwork and Cooperation

The quality of teamwork is one of the most important aspects that an interviewer will look for in a candidate.

When you work in any organisation, it is of the utmost importance that know how to cooperate with your colleagues and your team to achieve a common goal. Being able to work well with others allows the working environment to run smoothly for everyone.

Examples of the type of questions asked would be, asking you about your previous experience of completing a project wherein you will have worked together as a team.


When you work in a firm, it is crucial that you should be able to adapt yourself to the situations and conditions of your surroundings. There may be times when you will be required to adjust yourself to differing situations, in regards to shift changes and job role changes. Someone who is flexible and open to change, is highly regarded.


Most employers look for the quality of integrity in their employees. Meaning they look for honesty and examples of a stable job history to outline your trustworthiness.

Sometimes a stable job history isn’t possible, due to turbulent times you have had to move around a lot or have been made redundant. It’s up to you to outline that although the job history is scattered, that you’re a trustworthy and honest person. That’ll you’ll give 100% into your job and look to improve all aspects of it.

Intellectual Curiosity

Many employers and interviewers will look for candidates to show intellectual curiosity, in the actual interview or on their CV.

This means an ability to solve problems in a variety of situations, not relying on the word of a supervisor for anything that pops up. This allows a free-flowing business that isn’t slowed down by indecision.

Also, this contains an ongoing dedication for learning and education. An employee that continues to learn within the workplace and on their own time helps the business develop also. It avoids a workforce that becomes stagnant and set in their ways.

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