What Makes a Good Business Card? (They Can Be Magic)

What makes a good business card? (They can be magic)

Starting your own business can be very a daunting process, from worrying about finance, panicking about marketing and how to go about attracting the right customers. During that stressful but exciting process of hard work, long nights and passion projects, we tend to neglect the humble business card. 最新のデザインで個性を表現した、#おしゃれな名刺作成#をご提案いたします。

One of the main reasons that we tend to neglect the business card is the fact that we are on social media. Many businesses and individuals are on social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You will be able to connect with the individual via email or one of the social media platforms. However, it doesn’t have the same effect as going out and handing in your card during networking sessions. During those sessions, you will be able to converse with likeminded entrepreneurs and potential clients and give them your well-executed business cards.

A memorable business card creates the perfect first impression of your brand and help extend your message. Your goal and target should be a creating a unique business card which would make a positive effect on your clients. The card can actually lead you to down a path of opportunities, from getting a business partnership or even help your business to make money.

There are many paths that you can explore when creating business cards and what elements should be taken into consideration for its design.

Companies such as Onlineprinters.co.uk provide affordable service for businesses and entrepreneurs to create a business card that stands out from the rest of the competition.

However, choosing a design for the card is the most difficult part, are you going to keep it simple, make it extravagant or are you going to choose a plastic card?

Before we delve in to what makes a good business card, you want to make sure that the card contains your company name, website, email address and phone numbers. Without those crucial details, it is no point in handing out your card to prospective work connections at all.

How to create a selling business card

We recommend that you keep your business card the standard size (2 x 3.5) unless you are feeling adventurous. The main reason for choosing the standard size is that you are able to fit it in business card holders. It is generally said that unusual shape can be quite tricky.

Once decided on the shape, the next step will be choosing the quality of the card. The quality of the card speaks volume; when choosing always opt for a good quality paper. Have your business cards professionally printed out, and Onlineprinters.co.uk offers a wide range of paper material from recycled paper to Gmund Verge Beige. It also gives you the option to create a plastic business card. Remember your image is reflected by your business card, the better the quality the better the impression.

After deciding on shape and quality, next task will be designing the card itself which is the hardest part. You must remember that during any networking session potential clients have already received hundreds of business cards; yours has to be attractive and memorable to stand out from the crowd.

When designing the card make sure that you co-operate elements from your business into the card. DO NOT choose a random image or photo which has nothing to do with your business at all. This will cause your business card to end up in the bin.

Also, make sure that your logo is eye-catchy and symbolic to your company. Even if you don’t have a company logo yet you can also use professional image of yourself. Furthermore, if worst should come just use your name and title on the card.

Business cards are essential even when we live in a digital age, they provide you with a chance to showcase your business and its potential. Invest time in making the right decision regarding design, the more effort you put in, the better the reward. Business card can be quite magical, if created right!

Fadumo Abdulqadir

Freelance journalist and the editor of Voice of Birmingham.