14 Things to Always Have at Your Desk

14 things to always have at your desk

things to always have at your work desk

No matter where you work, there are a few items you should always have handy. Here are a few things you should keep at your desk at all times, because, well, you just never know.

1. A blazer. 

Keep a neutral one on your chair. You never know when your boss (or her boss, or the CEO) will drop in and ask you for a meeting.

2. Neutral flats. 

They go with everything and will give your toes a welcome reprieve from heels.

3. Black pants. 

Dressed up or down, they won’t show stains if you spill your soup, and they’re versatile enough to wear all the time without fashion snobs noticing.

4. Sneakers. 

If you have a casual office or if you use the building gym, keeping these handy will keep you from making excuses to skip a workout–and will feel better than trudging home in pumps.

5. Hairspray. 

Whether it’s to tame flyaways or stop a run in your stocking from spreading, it’s good to keep this handy.

6. Deodorant. 

In case you’re ever that person.

7. A stain removal pen or wipes. 

Even if you aren’t usually a mess, you will be one day, probably right before a meeting with your boss.

8. Antibacterial wipes. 

For when you don’t have the pathogens from the office plague setting up shop on your desk (or your mouse, your keyboard, your chair…).

9. Bandaids. 

Your office first aid kit will run out because chances are you have at least one hoarder in your midst.

10. A mug. 

For your coffee (save money and the environment) or just for your pens.

11. Scissors. 

Rogue tag on your dress? Difficult-to-open package? Cover your bases (and maybe be a hero) by keeping scissors at your desk.

12. Pepto Bismol. 

You know why.

13. Tissues. 

Whether you’re crying or having a bad allergy day, you don’t want to walk around with snot or runny mascara all over your face.

14. An extra phone charger and headphones. 

There will come a day when you leave yours home, and that will be the day you need it the most.

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