The Moderna: Make the Mark in the World of Entrepreneurs with Luxe Launch

The Moderna: Make the mark in the world of entrepreneurs with Luxe Launch

The Moderna

Every woman I’ve talked to lately had dreams growing up of changing lives. Of changing the world somehow. But somewhere down the line, some of them gave up on those childhood dreams because there just was not a system in place that could support and foster such farfetched ideas that didn’t have their feet solidified on the ground yet. There’s always that small grain of hope left, though, that maybe one day it will be the right time to bring back those idyllic childhood dreams.

But bring in The Moderna, the new lifestyle member’s club for millennial female entrepreneurs, bloggers, freelancers and sole traders. It’s a new lifestyle platform based out of London that brings women together not only stylishly, effortlessly and more but also bringing said women together to build each other up. It’s a new brand that’s playing into a growing trend around the world but it is such a needed one. Globally, I am sure there have been studies shown what we as a secret circle have always known-women together can and surely will change the world.

The goal of The Moderna, besides all of the great aforementioned items, is to provide an online (and hopefully in person soon!) workshop to help women not only create but launch their own respective creative businesses and have the network in place to also have the look, knowledge, and skillset to back it up. And they are doing just that with Luxe Launch (we signed up straight away!) Here at Your Coffee Break, we can’t wait to see where this brand goes and hopefully see its expansion across the pond and into the States as well!

The interactive digital workshop called Luxe Launch is aimed towards women wanting to actually make their dreams into reality, providing them business training and all the tools needed to not only create a successful business but also maintain it and let it grow to the heights it can potentially see. It is a great way to tap into those dreams we all have as children or growing up and make them actually sustainably lucrative in today’s ever changing business world.

Digital workshop for entrepreneurs The Moderna

It makes sense, in a way, that this workshop is interactive and online. It shows a certain intuition that in order to make it today, one needs to be online. And one needs to be online well. With Luxe Launch, The Moderna is looking to create female entrepreneurs that know how to tackle all aspects of what it takes to make it and that they’re able to take advantage of all opportunities relevant that come their way.

As mentioned previously and throughout this, I am all for female driven companies and female communities. I firmly believe that we can lift each other up to heights that were previously unfathomable and we’re a unit not to be measured against nor meddled with maliciously. We are a force to be reckoned with and it will be communities and workshops like The Moderna that will be able to tap into that force, harness it, and potentially create leaders of tomorrow’s business world. It will be a crazy time to watch what comes of it and I cannot wait to see what happens next with this workshop as well as this brand.

Because after all, creativity and innovation are waves of the future and can easily create new business across the board within several different industries and it will be interesting to see just how workshops like this will permeate into the world as we know it. And just how exactly it will affect how we do business not only with each other on a local scale but also globally down the line.

Keep an eye out because it will be workshops like The Moderna that will provide us with the entrepreneurs and CEO’s we will need to create the products we always dreamed of.  

Dana Zillgitt

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