The Importance of Culture for Leaders in Business

The importance of culture for leaders in business

The importance of culture for leaders in business

Whether a sports team, quiz team or business, your culture is what drives people and spurs them into action. Leaders within any company, as well as the people within, should be setting the culture and living it. Too many times have companies focused too much on specific roles and experience, without realising that with the right culture success, both in all walks of business life including productivity and hiring, will come much easier.

First of all let’s look into what makes up a culture, specifically within a business and how these can massively affect the atmosphere within your company, the people you attract and the work you produce.

1. Goals

Have a purpose. Have something that your business and the people within your business can work towards, together. Great goals or mission statements that are strong, assertive and powerful. Non-profit organisation Oxfam for example uses the statement “a just world without poverty” to spur on their volunteers and employees. Just a few choice words can keep people focused, motivated and willing to help others in order to achieve the shared goals.

2. Values

Figure out what you stand for. Set out your moral limits, what you’d fight for, what you’d disagree with. Then, live by them. These are not rules but rather a code by which you conduct yourself and your business by. Share these with your employees, your shareholders and your team leaders to ensure everyone is on the same page.

3. Actions

Leaders should be setting the standard for the rest of the team. Whether team leader, manager or CEO, your company culture is determined by your actions. So live by your values and act in a way you want your staff to work with each other. In short this mean staying grounded.

4. Story

Tell your story, share your experiences and ensure those connected to your business know your history. With a little knowledge of where you came from, the work you’ve put in to get where you are and even the potential struggles you’ve overcome, people are much more likely to follow you, accept your values and help you achieve your business goals.

5. People

The above points are useless unless your people take them on board, support them and most importantly, live by them professionally. It is the people who make up the company and therefore you cannot create a company culture without the support of your people. This could mean training your existing employees, helping people embrace your vision and values and most importantly ensuring your hiring process is up to scratch. Bringing new people into a team who do not fit the culture you’ve created could be detrimental to your overall productivity. To find the best people for your company you must determine the best cultural fit. Here are some tips for doing just this from executive search experts, Collingwood.

Charlotte Giver

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