Side Hustle Resources – The Best of the Best

Side hustle resources – the best of the best

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Got some extra time? It’s not a trick question – we promise! But come on ladies, let’s not kid ourselves. If we spent a little less time binge watching our favourite female leads on their shows, or being mesmerised by their classy fashion sense we too could have a bold career that inspires us (as well as some extra cash to splurge on our own wardrobe!). And we still can, because it can all start with just one ‘small step’, and choosing a side hustle can be that step that has the potential of turning into something more… Perhaps that giant leap you’ve been searching for! And NOW has never been a better time to take that step, side hustles are bigger than ever and we want to make sure we are getting you in the loop so you’re not missing out on what we think are some amazingly valuable side hustle resources – coming up, stay tuned!

We’re excited to embark on this journey with you – a journey that’s about creating your best self and discovering a career that inspires, and perhaps leaving a mark while doing so. As Coco Chanel best put it:

Coco Chanel Dress Shabbily ....

And just like Coco Chanel, we too want to be remembered for being us – and just like our fashion, our work is a channel to help make that happen too. Let’s try something here – try replacing the word “Dress” with “Work”:

“Work shabbily and they remember the work; Work impeccably and they remember the woman.”

Of course there’s no such thing as being perfect (besides maybe Coco Chanel of course!), but there is such a thing as finding the perfect career for you that can have the potential of transforming you into a woman worth remembering. Just some food for thought while you think about which side hustle you’d like to take a ‘small step’ towards!

Now without further ado, here are those valuable resources we’ve been telling you about, that’ll also give you some ideas about side hustles that might just peak your interest:

And remember any of these options can be your ‘small step’, just like Coco Chanel and how her timeless fashion pieces started. So let’s strive to be women that will be remembered and let our fashion AND work speak for us! Because that ‘small step’ you take now can lead you…well wherever you want to take it…

Top Paying Side Jobs Infographic

By: Megha Patel