More and More UK Professionals are Looking to Change Careers

More and more UK professionals are looking to change careers

More and more UK professionals are looking to change careers

Feeling burnt out from the current 9-5? Are you in dire need of a career change? The feeling is actually more common than you think. For so long, it has been the norm to find a career and stay until retirement. Whether or not you actually enjoyed the career was simply deemed irrelevant. At long last, this is no longer the case! Times have indeed changed, making it possible for one option to no longer be the only option, and just in time to meet the needs of the ever-changing economy. New doors are opening up for women with knowledge and skill sets of all types. With a proper resume, crossing industries can be incredibly beneficial, for you and for your potential employer. As it turns out, a happy, working woman is a boost to the economy! Women who are happy with their careers put forth the passion and work ethic that go into creating the next great products and services of tomorrow.

The point is further solidified by London School of Business and Finance’s Career Change Report. The report gave the results for a survey done by the University, asking the UK working force about their careers, and whether or not they would like to change them. The results showed a staggering 47% desiring a career change. Millennials specifically came in with a whopping 66% desiring to have a career change. The phenomenon of wanting a change is not as phenomenal as one might initially think. It is in fact a commonality that a great deal of exceptionally fabulous women will engage in at some point in time, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. Wanting a new career does not mean that you failed at the original one, but that you have grown to want more out of what your work ethic is defining.

Of course, there are many unknowns when heading into an industry that isn’t familiar to you, but everyone irrespective of their talent, age, wealth or privilege has to face fears at some point in their life. And in order to realise our full potential the key is getting one’s mind to a state of becoming “comfortable with discomfort,” to push past our boundaries and exposing ourselves to different experiences. So when looking for a new job in a new field, make sure you align your resume with the skills and aptitude you may bring to a new industry, and you’ll land an interview and head into your new career path with confidence.

Career changes are becoming the new norm for ages ranging from eighteen to fifty. The stigma of getting a job and staying until retirement is surely fading away. The sun is shining on those who decide to take that courageous step into career roles that are truly fulfilling. An added bonus to growing in careers is that new educational opportunities are becoming available solely for those to do so. Now is the time to grow. The timing actually couldn’t be better. Opportunity for change and growth is around every corner, waiting for you to tap in and thrive.

By: Jalen Carpenter