Make Your Workspace Work Better For You With These Fun Picks

Make your workspace work better for you with these fun picks

Fun picks for your workspace

Some days, it’s hard to be inspired at work when your office cubicle feels drab and gray. Making your office a representation of your personality and creating an inspiring space is key for enhancing your creativity and encouraging productivity on those dreary and cloudy days. Bring in fresh flowers from your favourite market and decorate your desk with a scented candle, frames and photographs of heart-warming memories and things that make you happy are just a few examples of how you can give your office a boost of individuality.

To help you create a workspace that perfectly suits your tastes, YCB checked out Source Lifestyle; the top spot for collections of great deals ranging from home ware and lifestyle to personal and fashion accessories. Two Source boutiques are located in London as well as a webshop that offers many of their most popular items. Check out our cheerful picks from Source to spruce up your work area!

The Daily Mood Flip Book

A great gift for yourself or a friend, The Daily Mood Flip Book is a small accessory perfect for a little corner on your desk. With 47 different moods to choose from – including Splendid, Cranky, and Hunky-Dory to name a few – The Daily Mood Flip Book adds some smiley flair to your otherwise moodless desk.

Why Not Tea Cup

Who doesn’t love drinking out of an adorable teacup? Made of porcelain, this teacup is a great hit for the avid tea drinker. Once you’ve finished your tea, you’ll find the words, ‘Top up?’ in gold print at the bottom of the teacup. The Why Not Tea Cup is a must for your cubicle (and can double up for coffee for our fellow coffee lovers!).

Let’s Find a Beautiful Place To Get Lost Paperweight

This Sass and Belle Paperweight is the epitome of vintage class. The retro-inspired map inside the glassy dome shape is a nice sparkle to hold down important work files. The delicate cursive calligraphy on top adds just the right mix of travel nostalgia, wanderlust and desire in one little unique accessory.

Paul Thurlby Pretty Notebook

With a mixture of lined and graph paper inside, the Paul Thurlby Pretty Notebook is the perfect little notebook to use for note jotting or to-do lists. An illustrator from London, Paul Thurlby creates girly and unusual images to brighten up the way you organize your life.

Paul Thurlby Oyster Card Holder

Love the Paul Thurlby trademark designs? Snag one of his Oyster Card Holders. They’re super cute, portable, and include two spaces to hold your cards. That way, you can include your license or other important cards along with keeping your Oyster Card handy for all your travel needs.

Venice Map Travel Wallet

For those of us that travel for work, it’s nice to have all your ducks in a row. By ducks, we mean travel documents. This travel wallet has specific compartments for your tickets, passport, currency, and any additional documents. The bright orange and white stripes nicely contrast the front map stud fastening keeping everything from falling out. There’s a zip compartment at the back as well – plenty of room to store everything you may need in one place!

Make Every Day An Adventure Make-up Bag

For important meetings or presentations, it’s nice to ensure we are looking our absolute best. This Make-up Bag is a terrific size for transporting back and forth from work and an easy stash in a desk drawer. With its sunny yellow colour and pink lettering, the bag will inspire you to make every day an adventure.

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