10 Signs You Should Work In PR

10 signs you should work in PR

Are you a passionate writer? Do you love planning events? Although public relations is ranked as one of the most stressful careers of 2014, it is also one of the most rewarding careers a person can have. Not only is it a versatile career path where you can match your passions to your job, but it also gives you the opportunity to meet interesting people and make a difference in the world.

Public relations isn’t just for any individual. It takes someone who is highly driven by his or her goals and has a special spark in their personality. To be successful in this industry, you constantly have to focus on building trusting relationships, have the ability to write well, and have a passion for helping brands and people grow their reputations.

If you’ve been thinking about exploring public relations as a career choice, here are 10 signs PR is the best job for you:

1. You start every morning with a cup of coffee.

Caffeinated drinks are a PR pro’s life juice. Whether it’s three cups of coffee or multiple cans of Diet Coke, most public relations people need caffeine to keep them going strong throughout the day.

2. You are constantly up-to-date on current events and trends.

Are you a news junkie? Then public relations might be the perfect career path for you. PR professionals are constantly following the news and always have the facts on the latest stories. Why should you be passionate about the news? Well, you need to know what it takes to get your clients on TV or in the newspaper.

3. You’re always on the go.

PR women and men are unstoppable. Even if we’re running on less than five hours of sleep and three cups of coffee, we can keep going no matter what. Public relations is a fast-paced career path and very demanding. You have to be willing to answer your phone for a client at 4 a.m. or spend your Sunday afternoon working from home.

4. You have a passion for writing.

Public relations professionals are writers at heart. If you want to succeed in this industry, you need to be a good storyteller and have the ability to write well. You can expect most of your work to consist of writing press releases, blog posts, newsletters, articles, and even ebooks.

5. You’re an avid list maker.

Lists are what keep most PR pros sane in the workplace. Public relations is a profession where you’re often required to multitask and juggle several projects at the same time. If you can’t survive a day without making a to-do list, then PR is a good career for you.

6. You’re connected to social media practically 24/7.

Is your phone constantly buzzing with Twitter notifications and Facebook updates? Then PR might be your calling. In today’s digital society, PR pros have adjusted to technology. Not only is PR very focused on social media and content marketing, but it also has become a critical tactic for any PR strategy. If you find yourself knowledgeable in social media and enjoy using it, PR might be a good fit for you.

7. You value your relationships with others.

Public relations professionals are people who love connecting with others and building strong relationships. This is an important quality to have in the PR industry because your job revolves around building relationships between your client and its customers.

8. You consider yourself a very trustworthy person.

The PR industry often receives a bad reputation. Over the last century, some believe public relations people only spin the truth to make their client look good. However, this is absolutely not the case.

PR professionals are some of the most ethical and trustworthy people you will meet in life. In fact, the entire industry is founded upon building trusting relationships. If you consider yourself a genuine and honest person, then the PR industry could benefit from a person life you.

9. You’re a team player.

Public relations professionals are constantly working in a team setting. You’re expected to collaborate with different people with different backgrounds in order to accomplish a common goal. If this sounds like a work environment you enjoy, then you’d be a great candidate for a PR job.

10. You’re not afraid to push the envelope.

Finally, a strong PR professional is someone who is fearless and will practically do anything to create success. If you’re a creative-type who isn’t afraid to take a few risks, then you’re definitely a great fit for the public relations industry.

Do you work in public relations? What attracted you to the industry?

Olivia Adams

Olivia Adams is a public relations senior at Ferris State University. She is a blogger who loves everything social media, digital, and of course, coffee! When she's not busy tweeting or writing, Olivia spends much of her time baking desserts and running. Follow her on Twitter @OliviaAdamsPR.