A Beginner’s Guide To Work-Relationship Balance

A beginner’s guide to work-relationship balance

work-relationship balance

Once you’re in the work force, it’s inevitable that you’ll find a core group of friends to have drinks with to explore the nighttime scene. You’re out with your friends, you mix with another friend group, a little flirtation takes place and before you know it, bam – you’re dating someone.

With media-related careers that definitely don’t follow a 9-to-5 pattern, navigating the world of dating can be more than a little tricky. However, your relationship can still be as harmonious and fulfilling as any other one!

Below are a few tips on how to rock the work-relationship balance in your life without your heart having to play a vicious game of tug of war.

Be up front and honest

Honesty is key in any relationship, but letting your new beau know upfront that you have a demanding career with unpredictable hours and outside-of-work events will give him a better idea of your work life and won’t be setting him up for disappointment later. Anyone who is worth your time will be understanding of this – and maybe even intrigued by it! – will stick by your side even when 14-hour workdays come into play.

Break up – with your phone, that is

One of biggest deal breakers when it comes to working relationships is the use of cellphones during private time. We like to call this “smartphone neglect” – when a significant other is isolated and ignored due to excessive, work-related phone use. Simply put, don’t do it! One of the easiest ways to combat this is by setting your phone to “do not disturb” while on a date or cozying up for a glass of vino with your man. Yes, work is important, but tending to your relationship is important as well.

Pick a work-free day and stick to it

For PR pros, weekends often arrive with strings attached. Whether there’s a client event, a company cocktail party or an opportunity to network with new clientele, weekends are often just as busy as the workweek. If this is the case, have a conversation with your significant other to nail down a set block of hours that are reserved for you two during the week ­ – no exceptions! Even if it’s only Wednesday nights for a movie that are exclusively reserved for you two, this is a simple and sweet gesture that will speak volumes about your dedication to the relationship.

Above all else, remember that balance is the keyword for all arenas of your life. Don’t put on the blinders to all things outside of the office, but don’t neglect work either. With a little prioritizing, a work-relationship balance is completely doable!

By: Lindsay Shoemake

Lindsay Shoemake is the founder and editor of career-lifestyle blog That Working Girl, which aims to inspire women toward success in the PR, advertising and media realm. When she’s not working, you can find Lindsay exploring her neighborhood, the Virginia-Highlands, in Atlanta and catching up with friends over a great cup of coffee.

Lindsay Shoemake

Lindsay Shoemake currently works in the media industry in Atlanta, where she manages a robust client roster on a daily basis. When she's not working, Lindsay is the founder of career-lifestyle site That Working Girl, along with her personal blog, Lindsay, Lively. She enjoys a great cup of coffee, traveling and helping other women attain their greatest career goals.