4 Apps For The Professional Woman

4 apps for the professional woman

Apps for the professional woman

There are a lot of things that you need to take care of throughout the day. You need to handle your finances, check the news, and organize your notes, all while out of the office during a hectic week. Here are a few of the best apps for the busy professional woman:


This app exists so you can organize your life and take notes with you wherever you go. Your computer, phone, and other devices can access all of your Evernote documents, so your meeting notes are with you at all times. Type up a quick grocery list during your lunch break and bring it up on your phone a few hours later. Search through PDFs and saved e-mails for key words about your meeting in an hour. Make sure you have your busy schedule in check.


Avoid a bad credit score, take care of your bills, and manage your expenses all in one place. This app alerts you when your account gets low, helps you avoid fees, and gives you a friendly reminder when your bills are due. Because it hooks straight up to your bank account, Mint is the friend who tells you that you should probably cool it because you spent $34.50 on lattes at Starbucks last week.


To get a byte-size sample of what’s happening in the world and within your network on the train or in a cab, Flipboard can make it happen for you. Connect to your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages, and link to your favorite news sources. Also, the app is designed beautifully, so each morning you have your own personalized magazine with the content you want most.


If you’re on the go, about to catch a flight, or heading into a work function, you need to have important documents with you. Keep your up-to-date resume in Dropbox to send to potential employers you meet at networking events. Send the meeting agenda to a co-worker straight from your phone. Keep images of your latest prototype at hand so you can access them easily. Whatever you need to keep close, Dropbox has you covered.

You lead a busy life, and you want access to the things you need the most while you’re on the go. Apps are a great way to keep your life in check during a busy work day.

Lindsey Sampson

Lindsey Sampson is a student at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. She is currently studying International Affairs and Business and hopes to combine the two with a career in social enterprise. Her passion lies in innovative social business and social media as a marketing tool. She lives in Boston and enjoys reading, drinking coffee, and exploring the city. Follow her on Twitter @lindseygsampson.


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