6 Reasons Why You Should Use Mobile Devices During The Job Search

6 reasons why you should use mobile devices during the job search

how to use mobile devises during the job search

We are increasingly relying on our mobile devices to interact with the people, places and things around us. From posting vacation pictures on Instagram, to sending that important work email, to online shopping, the mobile device is becoming a tool used more and more for everyday business and entertainment. And it doesn’t stop there; the trend is spreading into the job search process, with job seeker mobile apps, instant notifications and mobile-friendly application sites.

Mobile job searching is on the rise with nearly 86% of all job seekers using their mobile device in some way to search for jobs, and nearly 47% continuing on to apply for those jobs via that device. The speed and ease of job searching on a mobile device makes it a great on the go option for busy job seekers.

Here are a few of the many benefits to using your mobile device as part of your job search process:

You can search anywhere

Job boards are no longer available strictly to those job seekers who have time to be glued to their computer screen for hours; there are now many job search apps available for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Download the apps and you’ll be able to search during your morning commute on the subway, during your lunch break, or practically anywhere, even while you’re on the go.

You can apply anywhere 

Not only can you search jobs via those apps, but you an also apply to those jobs on your mobile device. With the job search now available right at your fingertips nearly 24/7, there’s no excuse not to get your application in for that dream job ASAP! Since these apps are compatible with your smartphone or tablet, you can feel comfortable completing the whole application process right from your mobile device, from anywhere you are, at any time!

You can create a profile

Many job board apps allow you to create a profile that includes your resume, a cover letter, and search criteria of your job matches, making it even quicker to get that dream application in! When searching on your mobile device, having this profile makes it fast and easy to apply to a job, since everything you need to successfully apply to a position is already uploaded!

You can save job listings to access from your computer

If you’re not comfortable with applying to a position on your smartphone, you can use your mobile device to save job listings for later. Most mobile apps have features built-in that allow you to email job postings to yourself or bookmark postings to save for later. That way, you can visit your bookmarks or emails later on and have all of the information you need to apply.

You can apply almost instantaneously

Many job sites offer instant notifications, and it’s important that you opt-in to this offering! Sign up to receive those text or email notifications in order to have instant updates on job matches and new job postings. Those notifications and alerts come in as instantaneously as the job postings themselves, making it possible for you to get your application in as soon as possible!

You can search and apply on social media

My guess is you spend a good amount of time every day on social media anyways, so take advantage of this time and make it part of your job search process. Nowadays, most companies, job boards and industry organizations have social media accounts, and even more use those accounts to post job openings. Follow your favorite companies or job boards on your social media accounts, and with one click of a button, you can apply straight to a job from your Twitter timeline or Facebook newsfeed.