I Aspire To Be A PR Girl. Now What?

I aspire to be a PR girl. Now what?

how to make it in PR

Recently, I received an email from a high school junior looking for advice on how to launch her PR career. I applaud her for starting early! Ambitiously she asked great questions from which colleges to attend to whether or not it’s too early to apply for internship at agencies. She has gone as far as choosing Entertainment PR to be her focus.

I’m taking the extra step and providing tips for those PR hopefuls just getting their start or re-entering the field. No matter what level of PR you might be—always know there’s a place for you. The public relations industry is growing. Many no’s might be heard until you hear one triumphant yes. Here are tips to help in your journey:

I know at first hand that Entertainment and Fashion PR is not always glamorous. However, it’s never boring and always memorable. Pitch agencies for internships or those offering a mentorship. Agencies deal with various clients. When looking for a job in Entertainment PR, target those who specialize in entertainment brands, celebrities and/or film and ensure it’s based in the city you want to live in. The job might be ideal but the city may not be your cup of tea.

You must mingle—yes mingle. Depending on your city of choice, there should be a group, organization, meet-up, which can help add to your PR network. Don’t worry if you’re an introvert. Networking will be good practice in socializing with a group and getting the nerve to brag about your abilities while staying humble. It’s how I came to find DC Flacks.

My major was in marketing, however my heart was invested in the PR field. My experiences acted as my ‘schooling’ leading me to the field. Join PRSA or IABC for ongoing practices needed on an on-going basis. Also, there are plenty of free webinars that offer valuable tools of the trade: media relations, writing, social media, SEO, content marketing, event planning etc.

Volunteer at your favorite non-profit organizations. I have worked with non-profits on a pro-bono basis and it’s the feel good moment for life! Nothing feels better than giving back to your favorite cause. Some non-profits have a small budget and are unable to hire PR services. They would love to hear from you!

Follow PR blogs that resonate with you. Take the extra step by commenting on your favorite sites. Online interaction is great way to network and learn the tricks of the trade.

There are many references in this article as I’m a firm believer in giving credit where credit is due. Public relations is built on relationships. We, as communicators should be willing to share knowledge and information to help as well as inspire others.

Public relations is ever evolving. Treat every meeting as if it’s an interview. You are your brand. This goes without saying, “Don’t give up.”

And to that aspiring PR girl—you know who you are. Thanks for the inspiration! Pretty soon, you’ll be tweeting “Got my dream PR job!” #happyprgirl

By: Maritza Diaz

Spanish spoken, PR & Social Media professional with leading campaigns at corporate and agency-type environments. Freelance publicist. Always looking to inspire and be inspired. Follow her @littlegiantprod 


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