5 Ways To Impress Your Boss… Without Being A Total Kiss-Ass!

5 ways to impress your boss…without being a total kiss-ass!

how to impress your boss

There’s one very important thing to remember about being a kiss-ass at work: there’s no subtle way to do it. Some bosses will lap it up; wallowing in their ego being massaged and accepting every little extra you throw their way. If that’s the case, you might think that your suck-up strategy is working, but there are no guarantees that those coffee runs and compliments will get you where you want to be. It’s also worth noting that many bosses cannot stand a brown-noser. Sometimes, although your efforts might be well-intended, they really just boil down to bribery and, at times, even blackmail. Your colleagues will clock it, too, and it’s likely that any kiss-assery will go down well with them either.

So, with this in mind, here are five easy ways to impress your boss without being a total kiss-ass…

Don’t just open doors for them; open your ears!

Listening is a skill we’re taught almost from birth, but it’s surprising how many people have trouble doing it in the workplace. Keeping your ears pricked around the office will mean you have good knowledge of what’s going on around you, which can prove useful when making decisions and completing projects.

Take note and you’ll be taking home the (pound) notes.

When your boss asks you to do something, make a note of it! Small things are easily forgotten, but it’s the little things which are noticed, so be sure to keep on top of them!

Do some digging and your boss will dig you.

Sometimes, because they have the biggest responsibility, bosses can feel as though they are the only ones who care about the business and its operations. Being inquisitive will show that you take a genuine interest in both the company’s success and that of your own career. So, when they ask “any questions?” at the end of an instruction or meeting, make sure you have an intelligent one ready.

Own up and you’ll own the boardroom.

If you make a mistake, no matter how big or small, the best way to resolve it is to own up. The quicker you take responsibility for your actions, the quicker a resolution can be found. Instead of passing the blame to others, take ownership of your role and work to prevent the problem from happening again. Your boss will respect you for your honesty and the greater your responsibility skills, the more likely you are to be given responsibility for projects, clients and teams.

Be the solution, not the problem.

Many people develop a natural reflex to being faced with a problem: they ask for help. While there is of course, no issue in asking for help, take some time to consider where you will source said help. Firstly, ensure that you take a little time to yourself to focus on the problem and think about solutions. If you’re under time pressure or unsure of how to tackle the problem, seek the aid of colleagues or line managers before going to your big boss. This way, you’re showing how you can use your initiative and resources for overcoming obstacles and, in your boss’ mind, you’re the solution, not the problem!

Remember; equality and respect in the work place is key. Although we might have to do our fair share dog days in order to reach the top, no job is worth compromising

Xenia Rimmer

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