Lighten up! How Being Witty Online Can Boost Your Career

Lighten up! How being witty online can boost your career

why I should be funny on social media

For some time now, individuals, products and companies have been realising the benefits of using social media to catapult themselves into the limelight. For most modern consumers, their phone, tablet or laptop is never more than a few feet away – so what better way to engage a reader or customer than by infiltrating their social media feed?

On a personal level, it’s a truth universally acknowledged that being popular is nice. And if you say you don’t strive to be well liked, that’s fine, but we know you’re fibbing! So using a little joke here, a sarcastic comment there, will often be the main trigger for the likes and re-tweets to come flooding in. On a business level, however, being witty online is an invaluable marketing strategy.

So, whether you’re an earnest writer, peddling your wares; a purveyor of PR or the CEO of a global company, how (and why) can you use your sparkling wit to get ahead of the game in your career? Although in no way a definitive break down of how to become a stand-up comic, follow these tips next time you take to the keyboard and you’ll be laughing!


Engaging with your audience will give them a reason to keep coming back.

You could have the greatest story or product in the world to share, but if you’re not engaging your reader, no-one will ever discover it. The truth is that funny sticks: a person is far more likely to remember something which made them laugh than something which made them feel mildly interested or even indifferent.

Funny spreads, too. 

It’s important to remember that funny spreads, too. Laughter lines online, such as YouTube videos, go viral for a reason – because people want to share them with their friends. This works in a similar way when it comes to social media. How many times have you asked a friend “have you seen that..? It’s so funny!” Your goal should be to become that person or brand people talk about over drinks.

Being funny will allow you to break down the barrier. 

Funny things are often humorous because people can relate to them. The more you can directly engage with your target audience, the more interest they will take in what you are trying to share. By sharing your witty nature with your readers, it’s far easier to break down the barrier between you or your brand and your consumer. The ultimate goal is to be more of a friend than a business.

Humour will raise your visibility and make you stand out. 

As always, you should be standing out from your competitors. Using a clever pun or witty line will set you poles apart from those who use standard industry jargon. The key, as always, is to avoid being boring!


Be engaging and ask questions. 

Make your status updates and tweets engaging. Asking a question often encourages interaction from followers, and draws consumers in. So, instead of “our new product is out now.” Why not try “have you seen our new product yet?” A simple change of phrase creates a whole new tone for you.

Create an online environment your audience can relate to.

Try to make the things you post relevant to everyone. The most shared posts are those which your followers know their friends will relate to. So, even if it’s not directly linked to your product or page, just making your reader feel as though you’re on the same team can work wonders for future relationships. For example “don’t you just hate it when you dare to debut your new jelly shoes but it’s hailing by 12pm?” will cause your reader to empathise and react to you.

Be cheeky without crossing the line. 

Don’t be afraid to be naughty. As long as you don’t cross a line, using naughty puns or cheeky anecdotes can also engage your readers. Anything from a mildly endearing “Hi good lookin. How are we all doing today???’” to something a little more daring will catch your audience’s attention in the sea of tweets and updates they scroll through every day.

Understand that healthy competition can be useful. 

Everyone likes a little healthy competition, so why not engage in some light hearted banter with your competitors? Perhaps a humorous response to their latest campaign or a satirical take on their own tweets will draw the attention of both yours and their followers. After all, it’s all about proving to your reader that there’s a human behind your online persona.

Learn from the best. 

Adding a little lightness and wit to your social media interactions will guarantee a rise in interactions and reach. As the power of social media reaches its peak, it’s definitely time for you to muscle in on this handy and fun little technique. If you need inspiration, there are a plethora of companies out there who have it just right. So, inject a little comedy into your every day posts – they do say laughter’s the best medicine!

Xenia Rimmer

Xenia is a writer and blogger, currently based in London. She has had lots of experience within the media; spending time at places such as The Sunday Times, The BBC and S Magazine. Writing for YCB is something that she loves, as well as blogging for her own site; Follow her on Twitter @XeniaRimmer !