Company Research: 5 Key Things To Know Before Your Interview

Company research: 5 key things to know before your interview

things to know before an interview

If you’re heading to an interview, it’s fair to assume you’ll be asked about why you want to work for the company and what you know about them already. Since what we like to call ”informed enthusiasm’ is a must, get ready do to a little research.

Digging into a company’s past, present, and future is now easier than ever with the transparency the internet provides. Here are a few things you should know about a company when you walk into an interview:

What they do

Hate to state the obvious, but if you’ve even applied for a job somewhere, you should at least know what the company does! Either way, make sure you’re really clear on this and can also speak to how working in that type of company fits into your own career goals. The best place to find this information is on the company ”about us’ page.

Why they do it aka ”the mission’

The ”why’ is just as important as the what. It shows the drive behind the company and it’s very likely that the people who interview you share this drive, passion, and mission. That’s why they’ve decided to work there. You should incorporate that mission into why you want to work there

Their culture & office environment

Culture and office environment are so important. It should be something you care about when selecting a company to work for and rest assured the company will want to know if you are a good ”fit’ with their culture. Information on this somewhat intangible thing can be found in lots of different places. is a site where employees talk about the place where they work directly. It is a great and honest resource.

Following the company on social media is another great way to get a sense of culture.

The current events

Knowing what big events have happened within the company lately is a must. Google news is an easy way to dig up recent press. Hit up and search for the company name and read, read, read! The person that you are interviewing with may mention recent events and being able to actively engage in that conversation (versus a blank stare) definitely comes across as impressive. If you have a longer term aspiration of working somewhere, it’s good to follow the company and their leaders on an ongoing basis (even if there isn’t a job open). We love Newsle for this. Enter anyone’s name (perhaps the founder or CEO) and the site will keep you updated anytime there is press on that person.

The past & the future

How long has the company been around and their history is one piece of the puzzle. You should know that. Their plans for the future are even more important. What are the big initiatives the company is talking about? Most companies are focused on their growth and knowing how you can contribute to it is huge. You’ll hear about ”what’s next’ through the news, alerts on their company website, and following their leaders online.

Since so much information about different companies is now right at your fingertips, don’t skip this important step. Do your diligence and come off prepared and informed!

Jaime Petkanics

Jaime Petkanics is the writer behind, an online resource which provides advice on all aspects of the job search. A former recruiter, Jaime answers questions ranging from how to write a great resume, to how to answer interview questions, and everything in between.