Instagram Video: Use It Or Lose It?

Instagram video: Use it or lose it?

Instagram recently launched it’s own video sharing feature into the social media world, so what does that mean for us PR girls?

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Instagram videos allow users to post original 15-second videos, with features such as built-in video stabilization, filters and editing and built-in sharing capabilities with other social media channels. The new video portion of the Instagram app means that we have a faster, easier, sharper way to share video content with a large digital audience. Instagram is no longer being used strictly for personal use, especially now that Instagram videos have surpassed Vine videos in sharing on many digital and social platforms.

With such accessible and successful capabilities, it’s no wonder that more businesses and agencies are taking advantage of Instagram to engage with their customers through this new-age marketing tool. So, what can it do for us PR girls?

First, it allows us to share content with a pre-existing audience. Instagram has nearly 130 million users, compared to its competitor, Vine, which was only recently introduced as a standalone app, and has around 13 million users. Instagram’s enormous reach in the digital world enables videos to be seen by many more users.You can give your brands and clients a leg-up by taking advantage of Instagram’s existing user market, gaining engagement and starting conversations from their first post. With so many existing users right at your fingertips, Instagram videos can be the best way to go for clients that like to see quick results.

Second, the 15-second format is perfect for advertisements. The length is essentially established as the norm for advertisements on television, so agencies are comfortable creating within this time constraint.

Instagram videos can only be shot within the app, so existing ads can’t be imported, which means that us PR girls and the brands we work for will have to figure out what is truly effective within this new online marketing tool.

Third, the 15-second time allotment also has the potential to serve directly to your clients and their consumers. In 15 seconds, you can address a customer question, shoot a “how to” guide, or showcase a new product. In the event that crisis communications are necessary, it can be the perfect opportunity to address your followers with a short, to the point, simple apology or explanation, on a more personal level.

Short and sweet sells on social media, so take advantage of the 15 seconds and make them useful by filling them with practical content that will engage and help your consumers and followers enjoy your brand and believe in it.

Fourth, businesses and agencies can showcase their creativity through the new video sharing capability. Instagram photos already allow for this, but the video component now gives a more interactive way to truly emphasize your brands uniqueness. With numerous filters and editing features within the video portion of the app, it shows that you can add a unique flare to products or clients you are highlighting, making them stand out in a new way.

Simply using Instagram for videos will give your client a leg-up, but taking advantage of the fun and creative ways to add to your videos will make them positively stick out even further. Show you’re customers an inside look at who the brand is and what they do, all while showcasing a new product or campaign in an innovative way.

Fifth, Instagram videos enable you to post to multiple social media platforms at one time, making it faster and easier to get your information out to the social media masses. Engagement is the most important measure of digital media success, so having the ability to immediately post to multiple platforms can only increase your engagement and your success. Don’t forget to add hashtags in the description on each of the social media platforms you post, as this is proven to increase engagement up to 100 percent!

Instagram vidoes give PR agencies and businesses a whole new way to share content and build positive reputations for their brands and clients. The evolution of this new wave of video sharing has been welcomed by the industry and will be a growing online marketing tool.

So, for us PR girls, if you’re looking for a unique way to engage customers and build brands, put it on Instagram!

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