10 Career Blogs/Websites You Should (OK, Must!) Read This Summer

10 Career Blogs/Websites You Should (OK, Must!) Read This Summer


With plenty of fabulous (and not so fabulous) career blogs out there, it’s important that you’re looking in the right places at the right time when you’re trying to find your dream PR job! Here are 10 of our favorite career blogs that provide daily updates with PR news, career advice and internship knowledge.

1. Your Coffee Break 


Duh! We think our Career Guide is the best of the best. We strive to provide helpful advice and tips on how to succeed as a young PR professional. With everything from fashion, travel and internship guidance, to interviews with PR mavens and executives, Your Coffee Break is certainly helpful to the professional woman, no matter her age!

2. The PR Closet


The PR Closet offers aspiring PR professionals inside advice on how to break into the fashion and beauty PR industry. What we love most about this site is the “Spotlight” section, which features interviews with leading PR professionals giving tricks of the trade and inside advice on what it takes to be a successful PR pro. This site is a must-read for those who dream of a career with a well-known fashion and beauty brand!

3. DKNY PR Girl


What better way to learn about the industry than through a girl living the PR dream in New York City? From her behind-the-scenes photos, to the latest scoop on the best fashion brands, DKNY PR Girl is the go-to blog for all of you fashion fanatics. You’ll see what it’s like behind closed doors of the fashion industry, and what it takes to truly succeed as a fashion PR girl.

4. NYC PR Girls


We absolutely love this site! What makes it so amazing is their “Guide,” a basic handbook for everyone from college-aged interns, to young professionals, to experienced PR professionals who are looking to switch up their careers. Everything a PR girl needs to know, NYC PR Girls’ Guide has it! Best of all, these girls started out just like you and I, as students eager to make an impact on the PR industry, so you know their advice truly does lead to success!

5. Levo League


One of our favorite things about the site is the weekly “Office Hours” video chat with leaders in the industry, who provide guidance and personal advice right from their desk. You can even participate by submitting questions for an upcoming session. It’s one of the few opportunities young professionals have to get in contact with some of the best career experts and mentors in the industry, so take advantage and watch!

6. Ragan’s PR Daily


I truly don’t go a day without reading Ragan’s PR Daily. This site offers endless articles on every aspect of the PR and communication industry, from social media, to event planning, to internships; it truly has something for everyone. Not to mention it also has sister sites that serve professionals in niche areas such as HR and Health Care Communications.

7. PR Couture


PR Couture provides resources for every facet of the PR industry. Whether you are a student looking for internship advice, an agency looking to hire, or a fashion designer, PR Couture will have something that will be helpful for your career. Their blog features videos, fashion campaigns and articles with the most up-to-date fashion and PR news. Follow the PR Couture blog to keep you on your toes with industry news and updates!

8. Intern Queen


As a college student and intern, I live and die by this website. The Intern Queen blog is perfect for us college students who can sometimes get dazed and confused in the world of applying, interviewing and living day-to-day as an intern. Intern Queen doesn’t sugar coat it, showing the good, the bad, and the ugly of internships, helping prepare aspiring PR professionals for what’s ahead.

9. PR Diva


We love nothing more than female empowerment and a PR girl with a dream, which is exactly what the PR Diva blog is all about. PR Diva connects students and professionals through interviews, reviews and more, in order to educate and move PR women forward in their careers. Along with great career articles, we especially love their Inspiration category, with articles aimed to inspire and motivate PR girls to their fullest potential.

10. Help a Reporter Out (HARO)


Although it’s not exactly a career blog, it’s still extremely useful for all of us PR ladies. Reporters and blogger’s inquire about sources for stories, giving us the chance to share our expertise and pitch, pitch, pitch! It’s free and it can give you the opportunity to land that perfect dream job you’ve been looking for.


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