Use Pinterest To Organize Your Work…And Life!

Use Pinterest To Organize Your Work…And Life!

use Pinterest to organize your work Since Pinterest’s debut in 2010, the visually-charged social media site has become a haven for bloggers, moms, careerists and everything in between. Although pinning photos of your favorite celebs and cute pets is an easy way to pass the time on a lunch break, Pinterest also serves as a useful organizational tool.

Use Pinterest to take charge of your work week and create boards that aren’t only aesthetically appealing, but also simplify your life!

Your closet, pinned

One of the best ways to make use of Pinterest is by creating fashion boards that reflect your personal sense of style. Overwhelmed by your closet and stumped on what to wear to work this week? Take quick snapshots of your favorite go-to ensembles and pin them on Pinterest, along with new looks that you would like to try. Before you go to bed at night, scroll through your board and commit to an already-pinned outfit for the next day – your morning will be that much easier.

Good eats

Another lure of Pinterest are “Pinterest foods,” or easy recipe guides for the girl on the go. For Pinterest foodies who want to nail down their weekly meals ahead of time, create separate breakfast, lunch and dinner board with the appropriate recipes that you’d like to follow. Another great thing about Pinterest? There are loads of gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan recipes for clean eaters!

Checklists? Check!

Naturally, many Pinterest users are innate organizers. Use this to your advantage when searching for printable checklists, calendars, to-do lists and more – they are available by the boatload! Simply conduct a search for these organizational materials and pin them all to one labeled board. There, you can print off as many chic sheets as you need to plan out your work week in style.

Home sweet home

Keeping a tidy home is the foundation for a tidy life. When your surroundings are a little out of whack, sometimes our mindsets are soon to follow. Thanks to Pinterest boards, users often share little-known trick to organize our homes, for use in the kitchen, living room, bedroom and more. Create your own board for a house, apartment or dorm that will perfectly suit your unique living space!


Lindsay Shoemake

Lindsay Shoemake currently works in the media industry in Atlanta, where she manages a robust client roster on a daily basis. When she's not working, Lindsay is the founder of career-lifestyle site That Working Girl, along with her personal blog, Lindsay, Lively. She enjoys a great cup of coffee, traveling and helping other women attain their greatest career goals.