How Do You Translate Your Internship Into A Permanent Job?

How do you translate your internship into a permanent job?

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An internship isn’t just a chance to build your skill sets and boost your resume; it is also a great networking opportunity that can lead to full-time employment after graduation.

In this competitive job market, the first thing employers look for in candidates is relevant experience. So, why not make your internship more than simply an experience? Turn it into a full-time job!

Employers recruit interns with the goal of hiring them into full-time positions when they graduate. So, keep these ideas in mind in order to be the intern that your employer will see as the best potential candidate for a full-time job!

Think of your internship as an extended hands-on interview

Come in early, leave late, do whatever it takes to make sure you are completing your assigned tasks on time, and to the highest quality possible. They are going to see you in action, so make sure to put your best foot forward in every situation! Go above and beyond your job expectations, and treat every project with the utmost importance (even the smallest assignments can leave the biggest impression on your employer). Your enthusiasm will show that you are passionate about the company and the work you do for them.

Be Proactive

Let your employer know from the get-go that you are interested in obtaining a full-time position with their company when your internship is completed. Many interns don’t know what hiring managers are looking for in potential full-time candidates, so get the inside scoop while you have the opportunity! Contact the Human Resources department and find out what factors and skills they look for when hiring a college intern permanently. That way, you can work on acquiring those skills during your internship!

Build your network

Network with as many people from as many areas as you can while you’re an intern. Interacting with people from different departments within the company will show that you are genuinely interested in the company, not just the projects you are working on. You never know who will be the connection that gets you hired, so it’s important to always have a positive and friendly attitude toward everyone you meet, whether it’s a security guard or the CEO. Having professional relationships throughout the company will get you ahead of your competition, since you will already know the company, and many people at the company will already know you! 

Take initiative

Companies want employees who have a strong desire to learn and develop, so make sure you let your employer know what you want to learn and what skills you want to develop. Always look for opportunities outside of your assigned tasks and don’t be afraid to ask for more challenging projects! Employers want you to grow and learn, so take a chance by initiating a project or taking on a project you may not know a lot about! It will show your eagerness to learn and make meaningful contributions to the company you work for.

Keep in touch

Stay in contact with your supervisor, mentor, and anyone you formed a professional relationship with during your internship. Even if your employer isn’t hiring at the time your internship is completed, it’s important to keep your options open and not burn any bridges. Ask your supervisor to lunch when you are back in town or email him/her updates on your academic or professional progress, anything that will keep your name in the back of their mind when the time comes that they are ready to hire a new full-time employee.