Is it possible to live with your parents after college and like it?

Is it possible to live with your parents after college and like it?

Are you moving back in with your parents after college? This is how to deal

If you’re anything like me, you went through college with the goal of graduating, accepting the job offer of your dreams, moving to a posh apartment in the big city and being the envy of all of your family and friends. You would never even think of being that 20-something-girl who moved back home to your parent’s basement after college. But, sometimes life gets in the way.

Whether it’s due to debt from student loans, your entry-level salary, or poor job prospects, living with your parents after college doesn’t have to be an unwelcome situation. Although it may not have been your first choice of living arrangements post-graduation, it can be a positive experience if both you and your parents take steps to make it as easy and comfortable as possible.

First, don’t think of moving home after college as bad! It can be a good thing, with perks like delicious homemade meals, frees laundry and no bills to keep track of each month. What could be better? The fact that you are saving money by not having to pay rent or buy groceries every month. Being a tenant of your parent’s house comes with several privileges, so take advantage of them while you can!

Next, come up with some restrictions and ground rules that both you and your parents can agree upon. Although you are now a college-educated adult, some limitations may still be necessary. Be up front with your parents and communicate from the beginning about what you think is reasonable in order to ensure that arrangements are made based on both of your terms. You may not need a curfew or a bedtime any more, but setting up other restrictions and boundaries allows for mutual respect and satisfaction.

Third, remember that the arrangement is temporary. Set a time frame for how long you plan on living at home, and make it a personal goal to start saving up enough money to get your own place. It will help motivate you to manage your finances and steer you toward your future goals as an independent woman!

Lastly, just because you live with your parents, doesn’t mean that you have to put your personal and social life on hold. Going from living in a college dorm, apartment, or house for 4+ years where you are constantly surrounded by friends and peers, to the isolation of your parent’s home and your hometown can be quite the difficult transition. Stay connected with the people you met in college and keep networks of friends and co-workers that live nearby who you can call up for a night out on the town, or for a weekend visit. Continue doing whatever you did before moving back home in order to stay happy and healthy and on a path toward independence.

So, no matter the circumstances come graduation, don’t be angry if you have to put your big city dreams on hold for a few years in order to realistically have the ability to pursue them in the future. Moving home after college can be both amazing and frustrating at times, but if you go into the situation with an open mind, you will grow as an independent woman and learn more about yourself than you thought possible!

After all, sometimes “you can go home again.”