We Speak To Amiee Squires-Willis, The Mastermind Behind Electric Sekki

Amiee Squires-Wills is to Electric Sekki what Karl Lagerfeld is to Chanel. Basically, anything she and her company touches turns to gold. Located at the Gateway to China, her fashion bureau is by all means our new fave company when it comes to brand management.

Amiee Squires-Willis, Electric Sekki Started in 2004, Amiee’s hands on approach to the company coupled with her remarkable experience within the industry means it has become an international success with an impressive portfolio of high profile clients, catching the attention of the likes of Women’s Wear Daily, fashion blogger Bryan Boy and American Vogue’s Sarah Mower. Perhaps most notably, the British Fashion Council appointed the company as its marketing and PR management for the launch of London Show Rooms in Asia in 2011 % 2012. We have to admit that we are pretty impressed!

Of course, we’re curious to know how the talented entrepreneur began such an inspiring career. “Well, I attended the Australian Catholic University in Sydney where I majored in Marketing and minored in Management” she explains. “I also interned for various companies. Though most were unpaid, I did gain significant experience and acquired solid time management skills during that time.”  

It was when she was working for an Australian lifestyle brand that Amiee realized that certain popular brands at very affordable prices weren’t available in Hong Kong. In fact, she told Your Coffee Break “I found that brands were either luxury or extremely cheap! So I decided to focus on this lack of middle ground and found 5 brands that were interested in the Asian market. I then resigned from my job and moved to Hong Kong!” And thus, Electric Sekki was born.

Amiee’s accomplishments are vast, ranging from consulting for major international brands and designers, overeeing design collaborations and also participating in the launch of China’s first multi-brand luxury retail store, Lane Crawford. We’re practically itching with jealously.

However, Amiee finds that her two children, Sascha and Phoenix are her biggest achievements. “I believe in the importance of a good balance between work and personal life, and my family is what keeps me motivated in everything,” she says.


Tatiana Kombo

Tatiana is a Paris-based and Boston-educated freelance writer and avid fashion photographer who is passionate about public relations and global communications. Her interests include social activism and the intersections of fashion and feminism. You can follow her here: twitter.com/tatianakombo