Can Socialising At Work Hurt Your Career?

Can Socialising At Work Hurt Your Career?

Clearly, work is more fun and days fly by faster when you work with your BFF! Those of you who like to gossip during your coffee breaks and in between working hours know what we’re talking about. According to recent research, having close friendships at work boost employee satisfaction by 50 percent!

best friends at work We are happy to announce that forming friendships with colleagues can be beneficial for your career; they prove to be useful for support with work and enable you to shine as the talented individual you are. According to Tom Rath, author of Vital Friends: The People You Can’t Afford to Live Without, “people who have a best friend at work are seven times more likely to be engaged in their work.”

There is no harm in getting to know the other employees a bit better when you first start a new job, especially when working in the PR and/or fashion industry. You’ll know their strengths, weaknesses and be able to support each other and work as a team. This in turn will create a happy work environment for everyone.

After all, you tend to spend more time at the office and with your co-workers than you do with family and friends, so it’s important to build relationships with them. In time, this will equals a more comfortable workplace and most importantly you will actually enjoy that 2 hour long coffee fuelled commute because you love what you do.

A good way to mingle is by making sure you keep up to date with office events such as annual parties and leaving do’s. Every company will have something organised every now and then – some even weekly! If you’re a naturally shy person, it’s still in your best interests to attend and show that you’re willing to get to know your colleagues better – I bet it won’t be half as bad as you think once you get chatting!

It’s always helpful to have at least one BFF at work that you can talk to and whom you can trust. Perhaps a recent break-up has left you feeling down, so being able to grab lunch to have a chat about it will make you feel better and not so stressed out! As long as you know they’re trustworthy and respectful, there’s no reason not to confide in a colleague – just make sure you’re returning the favor.

Of course, there’s a difference between casual-after-work-drinks and practically living in each other’s pockets, it’s just a case of finding that balance. Being able to have a chat about weekend plans and that upcoming holiday is great but when it’s time for a client meeting or brainstorming session, you have to switch on your professional head and get to work.

Your career and your friendships are two of the most important aspects of your life, and combining the two can be extremely rewarding. As long as you manage to maintain a healthy balance between the two, there shouldn’t be any reason for your close friendships at work to hurt your career. In fact, it should be the opposite! By showing your boss that you’ve built up a solid relationship with colleagues and that you are working well within a team proves that you are dedicated to the company and your role. These are all elements that will be taken into account when a promotion opportunity arises and it could be you that is chosen to progress up the career ladder as a result!

J Chappell

Jazz is currently pursuing a major in PR at Leeds Metropolitan University, originally from North London. She aspires to a career in the entertainment industry and loves films, TV shows and her kindle.