Building Your Blog’s Brand: How To Get Noticed And Stay Memorable

Your brand isn’t just a logo or a symbol. It’s creating a recognizable identity in everything you do.

Throughout my experience helping clients build their brands at Blinc Agency, there’s one thing I’ve noticed that makes a blog become popular: the connection a reader has to the blogger and the content.

People connect with things that are relatable. Memorable. Consistent. Fresh. Intriguing. It takes a lot of hard work and persistence to be all of those things, day in and day out, especially if it’s not a full-time job that pays the bills.

Every little piece that makes up your blog plays into what people are falling in love with: your brand. But with so many blogs on the Internet, how is your “brand” supposed to stand out? By building the basics, remaining consistent, and realizing it’s going to take some time. Here are some of my tips for getting noticed in the blogosphere:

Building Your Brand’s Content

1) Stay true to who you are. Before you publish a post, ask yourself, “Does this content align with my mission statement?” If it feels unnatural or forced, trash it.

2) Choose fonts and a color palette, and stick with them. If you change things too often, readers won’t be able to recognize your brand.

3) Invest in tools and learn how to use them. A DSLR camera will produce better quality images than your iPhone; a Wacom Bamboo Tablet will enable you to add handwriting to your posts; and Photoshop will provide everything you need to make pinworthy collages.

Building Your Brand’s Awareness

1) Collaborate with other bloggers by guest blogging. It’s a great opportunity to get your words (and links) in front of more eyeballs.

2) Participate in Twitter chats. Don’t just sit back and watch the conversation pass you by. Favorite the statuses you like, follow people you connect with, and ask questions.

3) Support other bloggers. When you’re a part of a supportive community, the possibilities are endless. Teaming up with bloggers allows you to accomplish some of your bigger goals that you might not have been able to do all by your lonesome.

Nichole Ciotti

Nichole is writer behind the blog Vanilla Extract;, where she shares great fashion advice and amazing eats.

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