10 Signs You Need A New Website

10 signs you need a new website

Do I need a new website?

Being smart professional women, we all know that our website is a reflection of ourselves and, of course, our brand. A popular website can make a very successful business and potential clients can make a decision whether or not to use you just by looking at your company site.

You can tell which companies get that just by looking at their site. Unfortunately, a lot of companies are hesitant to invest in hiring an agency to create a new web presence even if they have the financial means to do it. If you’re questioning whether or not you need a new website, you probably do.

10 signs it’s time to upgrade:

1. Your current site doesn’t have social media integration. Without the integration, you’re limiting your customer reach. Making your website shareable is just another way to engage fans, generate leads, and increase brand loyalty.

2. You’re using flash. Websites built with flash have very long load times. In the time it takes to load your site, your potential customer has already started looking for an answer elsewhere. Flash automatically decreases a company’s credibility.

3. You want to strengthen your brand. If your website is more than two years old, it’s time to update it in order to keep up with web design trends and functionality. If it’s more than three years old, it’s time for a complete overhaul. Always make sure to keep things fresh and innovative so customers have a reason to return.

4. Your top competitor just launched a new design. If companies A and B both do the exact same thing, but Company B has an updated website, the masses are going to gravitate toward Company B. Company B now looks more credible. Customers who trust a brand are more likely to buy products over and over again while recommending them to others.

5. You have little to no traffic. A new design will boost traffic and create fresh interactions with your target audience through the use of new tools and interesting functionality.

6. Your site has spelling and grammatical errors. How can you take a company seriously if they can’t distinguish between their, there, and they’re? Content is king.

7. Your messaging is stale. If your messages don’t stick, how will people remember you?

8. You can’t update your own content. If your brand is constantly evolving or you’re introducing new products to your line, you need to share them with your audience. Trying to go through your old web designer is time consuming and costly. Using a content management system like WordPress is a great way to add pages or edit content when you want, wherever you want.

9. You’re not proud of your site. If you’re embarrassed to share your site with someone or make up excuses for why it looks the way that it does, it’s time for an overhaul. A brand won’t gain a following on LinkedIn or Twitter alone. A website is the starting point.

10. You can’t pull up your website on an iPhone. Responsive design is the art of ensuring your site looks good no matter what device a customer is using. In the age where smartphones never leave our hands, it’s important that customers can access your site on-the-go.

Nichole Ciotti

Nichole is writer behind the blog Vanilla Extract; www.vanillaextract.me, where she shares great fashion advice and amazing eats.

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