Maximize Your Professional Potential Everyday: 10 Tips For Continuous Career Success

Get up, get dressed, get to the office, get your work done…Sometimes as we clamber up the ladder to success the familiar can become mundane.

What’s the key to obtaining continuous favourable outcomes in the working world? Avoid mid-routine mildew.  

The Careerist - Your Coffee Break

Coffee tables across the globe are piled with articles, biographies and books about highly successful business people or high-grossing companies. Eager to learn from the boardroom champions, we have accumulated so much reading material, that it is difficult to see the wood through the trees. It’s easy to read about how they got there, but challenging to put their fecund maxims into practice. Perplex, not. YCB has identified the factors to amaranthine success.

Follow these tips everyday to maximise your full potential and generate a better return in your professional investment:

1) Know your value

Professional women have a tendency to underestimate their worth in the work place – don’t. Instead of wearing the power suit – be the power suit. Then, ask your boss for a raise to pay for a more expensive one. You’re worth it!

2) Mind reading is a trap

Even when you think you know what is going on with your colleague, in reality, you have no idea. If you are wondering why they haven’t responded to your email, ask them. If you are wondering how best to move forward with something, seek their advice. Assumptions are for the weather, not for the office.

3) People don’t notice

When something difficult happens to you in your personal life, you may feel all eyes in the office are on you, but they’re not. To put it bluntly – they didn’t notice and they don’t care. Stop worrying about what other people think!

4) Talk man on top

When talking to a boss of the opposite sex in the workplace, use distinct bullet point s and end the conversation as quickly as you started. Watch the respect cultivate.

5) Use your instinct

What was your initial response to the situation? Take a deep breath, calm yourself and trust your instincts. Even in the heat of the moment, if you count to 8, you will make better choices.

6) Turn criticism into lessons

Impress your colleagues by not defending an attack, but learning from it. Rise to the occasion by saying to your opponent “I need to consider what game you that impression.”

7) Work through the politics

Office politics is mostly used as a defines mechanism – a way for people to protect their own interests. Ignore it by keeping your head down and getting your work done. Even if it seems unlikely during a colleague’s “political campaign”, before long, the cracks will show and you will be rewarded for your consistent, hard work.

8) Be honest about your mistakes

Professionally speaking, honesty really is the best policy. It may be a hard pill to swallow, but if you cease to immediately communicate the error forthrightly, it could escalate into a gobstopper. Stop the problem in its track and gain respect by communicating the problem before anyone else notices it.

9) Continuous organization

An organised Inbox is the first tell-tale sign of an experienced professional. The second an organised desktop. The cherry on top is an organised Evernote (if you’re not using it – start now!) It may seem like a lot of effort to manicure tailored organisations, but these hurdles will be outweighed by the benefits. And you will be pleasantly surprised how praiseworthy it feels each time to drag a file into it’s allocated destination. Small triumphs make a significant difference!

10) Do it today

The “right time” is an embryo of mind-reading, better known as a figment of your imagination. There will never be a better time then right now. To stay on top of your game, never leave what can be done today for tomorrow. To get ahead of the game, do what can be done tomorrow, today.

What is your best tip for career success? Are you experiencing a road block on your professional path and would like to get the ball rolling with figuring it out? Let us know in the comments below or send a quick email to Have a lovely weekend!