Going Solo? How To Make It As A Freelancer

Going solo? How to make it as a freelancer

Carrie Bradshaw writing from her bedroom I’m typing this from the comfort of my kitchen, yards away from my bedroom – coffee at my disposal, whilst listening to Radio 4 as well as spying on Gossip Girl in the back ground; no-one is telling me what to do.

Not only has freelancing taken the labour market by storm, it has opened a secret gateway to opportunities for designers, writers, illustrators, journalists, accountants- the list is endless and it’s all down to the internet.

Self-acclaimed freelancers have found themselves dancing into buildings they only ever dreamed of, embracing your own identity. But making the bold decision to go freelance can be a lonely road.

You need to be flexible and organised. If you are not organised, get easily bored, distracted and can’t say NO when the break suits you, you might become your own worst enemy. So how do you make it as a successful freelancer?


Make sure to assess your needs and set yourself a financial goal. How much do you normally spend a month on expenses and bills? Once you have worked this out, you can decide the right balance of work for you.


Figure out if you are going to charge by the hour or by the project. Charging by the hour is more beneficial if you are not set in stone about how much time should be put into the project – charging per project helps to avoid any hidden additional costs.


Keep a list of things that inspire you to write and frequently change your setting if it becomes too boring. Try to de-associate the place you relax from the place that you work.

Avoid procrastination

Beware of your computer, it will bring power to your finger tips, but could cripple your productivity.

Handle stress

Learn to switch off to prevent burn out, this can easily be prevented by just saying no to things you don’t need, don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Market yourself

Exploit social media, twitter, Facebook, Linked In, capitalise on everything about yourself and utilise every contact out there that you have. Take every networking opportunity possible.


You need to know how you will pay the bills in 6 months time. Save your tax bill in a separate account, don’t wait until it’s due to realise that you spent it.


Whatever you do don’t get ill, it’s bad enough having to juggle 9 bank holidays unpaid, normal holidays un-paid, ill days- unpaid. Keep a healthy diet and regularly exercise.


Try not to waste time on things that lose you profit, be true to yourself about what lies in your interest. Stop giving cheap favours to people.

Be ruthless

To be as efficient as possible with your daily tasks, you need to be quick on the phone and short in the emails without being rude.

To grow a long lasting relationship with clients is the key to freelance success, but at the end of the day it’s you that needs to be the boss.

Stephanie Parsons

Stephanie is a 23-year old professional writer, living and working in London. She recently finished her MA in Multimedia Journalism at Bournemouth University with a broad variety of professional experience having worked at Sky, BBC, Channel 4 and The Sunday Times Style Magazine. Stephanie is working as YCB's career writer and is passionated about helping career focussed, talented women achieving their potential.