If You Really Want The Job You Have To Sacrifice Your Personal Life. Really? Here’s How To Deal.

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Any professional young woman knows how important it is to work hard, make deadlines and please clients. When we walk into work on Monday mornings we immediately get our daily caffeine fix, go to our desks, and start answering emails almost as if we are programmed to do so. By the time Friday comes we are drained, tired, and too exhausted to go out for Happy Hour or have a few cocktails with the girls. This is me almost every weekend, but as I’ve started working more and going out less, I’ve realized something has got to give.

I am not eagerly gulping down a bottle of wine every weekend, but I have learned that while I work hard during the week, I am allowed to play (read: go out to dinner, and have a cocktail) hard on the weekends as well.

I know that many hard working women may feel guilty when skipping work a little bit early to make dinner plans on time, or when they can’t even seem to fit in a date because of their hectic schedule.

While I am not saying that we should make a habit out of leaving work early, I do think that we should allow ourselves just one night out of the week to have some fun and be fun, energetic women.

Finding balance between work and having a personal life is key to stay sane and not stress yourself out! Sometimes your dream job requires that you make personal sacrifices.

But wait. I bet you’re thinking, “Who said anything about giving up my Friday night club crawls, and my Saturday night dates?!” Unfortunately, having a high-paying, extremely luxurious and amazing job will probably mean you will have to give up Mojito Wednesday’s and Margarita Monday’s. My solution to this problem would be to have a cocktail night on Saturday or go out for Margaritas after work on Friday.

Since going out during the week is probably not an option anymore, make sure you at least designate one night on the weekend to let loose and have some fun. If you let work consume your entire life, that is never a good idea either.

You can also try exercising once or twice a week which will let you blow some steam and help reduce some stress. I personally love to do yoga, and right now yoga is a very trendy. I love the meditation and focus that yoga requires and even going to a class just once a week can help you have a better attitude towards your work and personal life.

While all these are great ways to make sure you spend some quality time with friends, bf or yourself, I have to admit that if you want your dream job bad enough, you may not have time for anything else during the week besides your job. In order to become a successful publicist or an amazing fashion designer, you have to put in the work and effort to get to the top.

To deal with this type of situation I would make sure that every night when you get home you take at least an hour just to sit on your couch and unwind. Call a friend, eat dinner with your spouse, or just read a magazine that you enjoy. Having this down time will help clear your mind and will make you feel like you still have your personal life in order.

What we all have to keep in mind is that while our jobs may be stressful and overwhelming at times, there are so many great things about our job as well. We get to wear the best clothes, attend press previews and launch parties, go to awesome events and speak with the most interesting people. Our personal life may be tough to keep up with at first, but in the long run it is so worth it.

Whether you are a motivated PR girl or a successful fashionista, there are always ways to find balance. So remember, take time to breathe, have fun on the weekends and always remember that the best accessory to have is to keep a smile on your face!

Nicole Botsaris

Nicole is a 21-year-old public relations student at Hofstra University in Long Island, New York. She currently works part-time at Rubenstein Public Relations in Manhattan as a publicist intern, and does freelance work on the side. She hopes to work full-time for a New York City PR agency, and besides enjoying the life of a busy PR girl, she loves to shop, cook, read and explore all of New York City.

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