Leave-in Conditioner for Shinier, Smoother, and Happier Hair

Say goodbye to frizzy hair! A leave-in conditioner also called leave-on or no-rinse conditioner is an instant game changer for anyone with dry and damaged hair. Here are some tips on choosing and using a leave-in conditioner for healthy and silky-smooth hair.

Why Do We Need A Leave-In Conditioner?

With shampoo and conditioner, heat protectants, and deep conditioning hair masks, leave-in conditioners are another essential part of our regular hair care routine. Why? Our hair endures daily brushing, heat styling, towels and pillows, outdoor pollution, and stress, leaving it dry and damaged.

Leave-ins provide a protective shield and extra nourishment and moisture to any type of hair, from coily and curly to completely straight, so you can enjoy softer and shinier strands.

How to Find The Best Leave-in Conditioner

When searching for the best leave-in conditioner always consider your hair goals.

• Hair needs – Do you need to reduce friction, repair damage, boost hair elasticity, treat split ends, heat protection, or maintain colour-treated hair?

• Hair type – Leave-in conditioners are beneficial for all hair types, from dry and damaged to oily hair, you only need to find the one formulated specifically for you.

• Type of formula – You can choose from various formulas such as creams, foams, oils, balms, or sprays. Curly, damaged, and dry hair will benefit from nourishing creams and oils, fine or oily hair will benefit more from lightweight sprays.

• Ingredients – Leave-in conditioners usually contain natural oils, vitamins, botanical extracts, silicones, and glycerin for the best results. Try to avoid products with alcohol that may dry your hair even more.

Our Top Pick: Leave-in hair care by Moroccanoil

The popular haircare brand Moroccanoil offers a wide range of high-quality hair creams and sprays for all hair types. Thanks to their argan-oil-infused products, your locks will feel healthy, deeply nourished, and luxurious.

These Moroccanoil products caught our eye:

• Moroccanoil smoothing cream for unruly and frizzy hair makes your hair easier to comb and style, leaving it nicely smooth, soft, and protected against humidity.

• Moroccanoil leave-in spray for hydration and shine provides nourishment while shielding your hair against damage and breakage.

• Moroccanoil moisturising cream for wavy and curly hair gives your hair definition and shape without weighing it down.

• Moroccanoil styling lotion for fine hair adds dreamy fullness and boosts hair thickness.

How to Use Leave-in Conditioner

As the product name suggests, these lightweight hydrating products are used after you wash just before you style your hair. But with these simple tips, your hair will not get heavy or greasy after using a leave-in conditioner:

• Always use the no-rinse conditioner in towel-dried hair.

• The amount of product depends on your hair type and length. Use only one small pump on fine and short hair, mid-thick and medium-length hair needs two to three pumps and long and coarse hair needs up to five pumps.

• Apply the product to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. Never apply the product to the roots.

• Use a brush to distribute the product evenly throughout your hair. If you prefer not to brush your hair (wavy, curly, or coily hair), use a creamy leave-in conditioner that is easier to distribute with your fingers.

• Style your hair as usual.

• You can use leave-in conditioner daily even when you are not washing your hair (especially in cases of very damaged or extra dry hair). Simply use the product on your dry hair and allow it to air dry.

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