The Shag is Back…Hair Expert Reveals Who Suits This Style & How to Create it

Celebrity Hair Stylist Katie Allan provides her top tips on how to recreate the latest throwback style set to be huge for 2024! 

The shag is the latest throwback hairstyle set to become huge in 2024. Basically, the style is when all of the perimeter of the hair is left longer and softer; with internal layers that are shorter but still connected. Taylor Swift, Alexa Chung and Farrah Fawcett are just a few celebs that have been sporting the shag over time.

Below celebrity Hair Stylist Katie Allan, who is the founder of MAYFIVE Hair, explains what a shag is, why it’s become so popular and what to ask for at the salon…

Why do you think it’s become so popular recently?

The Bardot fringe has been a big hit for the past years. It’s a synergy of the heavy fringe and mullet joining to create a shag.

How does it differ from a wolf cut?

The wolf cut is blunter and gives more definition to its outlines, where as the shag is very much more textured edge.

Would you say this is a unisex haircut?

It’s definitely a unisex haircut, typically men would have it cut more to a mullet however who’s to say it can’t be universal.

Does this cut suit specific hair types/texture and face shapes more than others?

A shag can be done on any hair type, you will find that it is excentuated more on straight to wavy hair but of course can be cut in curly – textured hair.

How should we ask for a shag at the salon? Is there anything we should prepare?

More internal movement and texture. The shape around your face and crown to be considerably shorter. Some people may feel more exposed by the shape created around the face and  movement the cut gives.

What is the process of creating a shag in the salon?

The shag will be created by cutting the shape around the face first. A Bardot style fringe with shape through the sides will be the starting point. They will then move on to the internal layers, leaving length. You will gradually feel weight being taken away throughout the haircut.

Any tips for styling a shag?

Dry the fringe and sides first. From there you can start to elevate the hair through the sides and crown to give height and add definition to the top.

How do you see the shag evolving in the future?

I can see this being excentuated to the max on longer hair, possibly even using extensions to add length and definition to the shape.

Throughout her career, Katie has worked as a stylist at London’s Fashion Week, and been an ambassador for L’Oreal, both Nationally and Internationally as a Colour Degree Expert. She has has also worked on many celebrities including Gemma Chan, Alex Jones & Sophie Ellis Bextor to name a few. 
An industry leader, Katie also created her own technique known as Layage, which has proved hugely popular and as a pioneer in the industry, is constantly developing new techniques and hair trends.   
Experts in their field, Katie has selected a team of dedicated stylists, each with their own creative flair and wealth of experience. 
Each stylist is highly skilled in cutting, styling and colour, and are committed to making you feel your very best! 
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