Makeup Artist Shares 8 Common Makeup Mistakes That are Ageing You

Curious to know if your makeup routine is ageing you without you even realising?

Saffron Hughes who works at explains, “Ageing is a natural and beautiful process, however, you could be adding years to the face just by the way you apply your makeup when that may not be your intention. The way we do our makeup should change with age and by following some professional advice and doing it properly, it can deliver a fresh face.” 

1) Excessive Foundation Application.

Saffron said, “The expression ‘less is more’ definitely applies when it comes to applying makeup to mature skin. Using a heavier, cream-based, or full-coverage foundation can cause the makeup to settle into fine lines and creases as you smile or show expression throughout the day, highlighting any imperfections.

“Instead, opt for a serum-based foundation or tinted moisturiser that gives the illusion of hydrated and glowing skin. You’ll look more awake and youthful and you’ll still be able to cover imperfections. 

“Similarly, adding too much concealer underneath the eyes can cause extreme creasing, especially when following with a powder to set.” 

2) Heavy Eye Makeup. 

According to Hughes, heavy eyeliner can be a culprit in ageing the eyes. She said, “Heavy liner can age the eyes in so many ways. Darker colours not only shrink the eyes but can also create darker shadows around them, giving an illusion of tiredness. Adding a nude or pale eyeliner in the waterline can make the whites of your eyes pop, therefore appearing more awake. 

She suggests, “Opt for eyeshadow or thin eyeliner pencils instead of gel eyeliner formulas, as this can transfer throughout the day and settle into fine lines around your eyes. Instead, opt for a smokey brown eyeshadow on a small pencil brush to get a precise but clear line.”

3) Thin ’90s Brows. 

“As we age, our eyebrows tend to thin naturally.” Hughes advises, “For a youthful-looking brow that also frames your face, take a fine brow pencil and create small strokes to give the illusion of a full and slightly arched brow that is going to lift the face. Drawing on brow hairs makes them look more realistic than using powder or gel formulas. It takes a little more time, but the difference is magic.”

4) Not Using a Primer. 

Applying face products without a primer can accentuate fine lines and creasing, and reveal textured skin beneath. Hughes explains, “Applying face products without a primer can contribute to fine lines looking more pronounced in addition to creasing, with textured skin peeking through. Primers, especially ones formulated with hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, can smooth the canvas of mature skin before you apply foundation or concealer and improve makeup’s staying power.

“Silicone primers can also do wonders for filling heavily textured areas, such as the corner of the eyes or in your smile lines sit.” 

5) Choosing a Dark Lip Shade. 

Dark lipsticks, while a seasonal staple, can actually add years to the face. Hughes advises, “Dark lipsticks, while a seasonal staple especially in the colder months, can actually add years onto our face. Our lips become thinner and lose their definition as we age. Although it’s tempting to overdraw the lips in order to give the illusion of a fuller pout, it’s better to ease away from darker shades. Furthermore, as the skin on our lips becomes drier over time, wearing lipstick with a matte finish can draw attention to any texture on and around the lips. 

“Instead, try lining your lips with a colour that’s no more than one or two shades bolder than a person’s natural lip colour, then follow up with lipgloss. The gloss creates dimension for the lips, gives the illusion of fuller, younger-looking pout.”

6) Lip Balms That Are Super Drying. 

“Lip balms are great as they can play a role in reducing the signs of ageing. However, it’s important to pick the right type or you’ll have the opposite effect. Look for lip balms enriched with nourishing ingredients such as shea or cocoa butter, which boost hydration, and an oil that locks in moisture to heal dry or chapped lips.”

“It’s so important to protect the lips from harmful UV rays, just as we do with our skin. Select a lip balm with an SPF of 15 or higher, shielding the lips and preventing the appearance of fine lines caused by sun damage.”

7. Skipping Mascara, or Applying it Wrong. 

Hughes said, “Mascara is a powerful tool for defying the ageing process. I’d argue that using a mascara wand to enhance your eyes can do more for maintaining a youthful look than a concealer, which is often used to cover fine lines.

“As we age, the skin around our eyes tends to become more hooded, and the area beneath our eyes may lose volume, leading to the appearance of darker circles. Mascara application effectively draws attention away from these signs of ageing and redirects the focus to the unaffected part of the eye—the colourful iris.

“I would always recommend waterproof mascara to my mature makeup clients because if mascara smudges or runs below the eyes, it can undo the anti-ageing effects and create unwanted shadows.

“Then when applying mascara, pay special attention to the outer third of your lashes. For an even wider-eyed appearance, apply pencil eyeliner along the outer third of your lash line. This technique enhances the thickness of the lashes on the outer third of your eye, resulting in a broader and more youthful look.”

8. Sticking to Powder-Based Products. 

Hughes said, “As powder can stick in fine lines and make your base look more cakey, I’d recommend staying clear of powder – or using as little as possible.  

“This is because women’s skin tends to get drier as they mature so using cream products with more moisture can help counteract this. Consider switching to cream or liquid-based foundations, blushes, bronzers and even eyeshadows all of which will be better suited to your skin.

“You’ll also find that they’re more cost-effective and mistake-proof as you just need to start with a small amount before gradually building layers.”

Anabel Cooper

Anabel is a graduate of King’s College London and upon graduating, she set out on a journey to inspire and empower women through her words. Besides working as a digital marketing expert, Anabel is a freelance copywriter.