Which Celebs with Sought-After Locks Could Soon Follow in Queen B’s Footsteps

Beyonce recently confirmed that she will be releasing a haircare line named Cécred, posting a short video on Instagram revealing the brand after hinting about the project for months.

This is not Queen B’s first dabble in the beauty industry, as she has previously released fragrances and been the face of several beauty campaigns, but this is the second brand she will be heading, following the release of her athleisurewear brand Ivy Park in 2016.

Hair Expert Alice of Dawkins of Milk + Blush said, “Haircare is seemingly close to the singer’s heart, as she shared in a 2023 post that her first job was sweeping up hair in her mum Tina Knowles’ salon.

“Through the years, she has been iconic for her ever-changing locks, regularly debuting new hair colours and styles for performances and red-carpet events, so it’s no surprise that her locks are regularly searched for, with 6,000 searches for ‘Beyonce hair’ per month on average.

“From bouncy waves and braids to blonde, red and brunette tones, she has done it all, but changing your style frequently can take a toll on the health of your hair, which she will be no stranger to.

“Having naturally curly hair will also mean her hair requires some extra TLC, and collectively, this will all have served as great inspiration for her upcoming hair range release.

Beyond the brand name, Beyonce has kept everything under wraps, but the submitted trademark indicates that we can expect her to release hair products, supplements, electric styling tools, brushes and combs, pillowcases, accessories, and more.

Her love for trying new styles may also pave the way for hair extensions, which she often uses to give her versatility with her looks. 

Given the effort and time she invests in her mane, her products will likely be focused on nourishing and protecting hair and keeping it healthy.

The singer’s haircare line will follow several celebrity brands that have achieved amazing success, including Rihanna’s Fenty beauty and lingerie brand, Selena Gomez’ Rare Beauty, and Ariana Grande’s r.e.m beauty. 

However, her announcement may trigger a shift from makeup and skincare lines towards celebrity hair ranges, which have previously been popular.

Jennifer Aniston launched her haircare brand LolaVie in 2021, Tracee Ellis Ross released her brand, Pattern Beauty, in 2021, and Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow has her own range of hair products released under the company’s name. 

Given the success of celebrity businesses, we may yet see other Hollywood names with fabulous hair create their own ranges.

Based on consumer interest, we looked into which celebs might be following in Queen B’s footsteps in the not-so-distant future…

#1 Zendaya

The actress has become a beauty icon due to her fabulous red carpet looks, which is why ‘Zendaya hair’ receives over 5,000 monthly Google searches on average.

Like Beyonce, the American actress loves to switch up her style and has worn hip-length hair extensions, cornrows, an Italian bob, and chic up-dos, just to name a few of her looks. 

She does not currently head any brands beyond acting, but she has previously launched her own fashion line, so she has shown her entrepreneurial chops.

#2 Jennifer Lopez

Known for her thick and luscious caramel locks, Jlo’s hair is as gorgeous as she is.

At the start of her career, she sported dark brown curls, but evolved to lobs, bangs, and up-dos, and she has since maintained her iconic long hair.

Google searches for ‘Jlo hair’ average 3,000 each month, and the star already owns her own beauty brand, Jlo Beauty, so could haircare be next?

#3 Blake Lively

Blonde bombshell Blake Lively has beautiful hair, and she played one of the most iconic TV characters that became known for her fabulous hairstyles, Serena van der Woodsen. 

Considered queen of the Meta Gala and dubbed ‘the Beyonce of red carpets’ by her husband Ryan Reynolds, Blake certainly has the hair to showcase a line of products.

Another entrepreneurial celebrity, she currently has her own beverage business, Betty Buzz.

Receiving over 1,000 monthly searches for ‘Blake Lively hair,’ perhaps one day, we could see her branch out into hair and beauty.

Anabel Cooper

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