Experts Reveal That 14 December is the EXACT Date to Get Your Christmas Nails Done 

With the festive season approaching and beauty fanatics looking to get their December nail appointments booked, experts are revealing the optimal day to get your festive nails done so that they last across all festive celebrations

Experts at Fresha have officially named 12:30 pm on 14 December as the optimum time and day to book in a pre-Christmas nail appointment for nails that will last across the whole festive period.

In the past month, 27,000 online searches have been made for ‘Christmas nails’ in the UK, a 367% increase from previous months, as people begin to plan ahead for their Christmas beauty treatments.

Why Thursday, 14 December? 

  1. Nails that are fresh for the office party

Traditionally, office Christmas parties fall on the Thursday or Friday of the second week in December – 14 and 15 December 2023. With this in mind, a manicure will be fresh for your office party if done on Thursday, 14 December this year. 

  1. Nails that’ll last for both Christmas and New Year

By getting your nails done on the 14 December, they’ll be fresh for Christmas shopping, festive days out and also the big day itself. Additionally, nails will even last for New Year’s Eve celebrations, too. 

  1. Ready for an infill when stores reopen 

Gel and acrylic nails can last up to three weeks, and Biab can stretch up until the fourth week. Three weeks following 14 December will take you to 4 January, in time for when the salons reopen following the bank holiday. Booking your next nail appointment on 4 January also means you can remove the festive nails as soon as the new year begins. 

  1. Thursday is the UK’s favourite day for a beauty treatment

Fresha’s data shows that Thursday is the UK’s favourite day for a beauty treatment, with the majority (21%) of all bookings falling on a Thursday, so it’s important to book treatments in plenty of time before slots are filled. 

Tina Michael, founder and owner of Shoreditch Nails says: “Mid-November, our clients start thinking about what they’re going to get for their Christmas nail art. And as work parties start, that’s when they’ll start coming in for that, which these days is from late November. Last year, the biggest trend was twinkle stars, but gems and chrome were also quite popular. This year, it’ll be chrome again, because of Hailey Bieber. Gems again will likely be asked for, and of course Christmas colours like red, dark green, silvers and anything with glitter. So much glitter.”

Why 12:30 pm?

The rise of the lunch break appointments                                                                                                       

The pandemic has changed the way we work forever, with people using their time more efficiently – and lunch breaks are no exception. 

Steve Rodgers, CMO at Fresha explains why 12:30 pm is the optimal manicure appointment time for your Christmas do. 

“With most people allowed an hour-long lunch break, we have found that 12 pm to 2 pm is proving to be a popular time for beauty treatments this year, whether it’s for nails, facials or massages. We all know trying to get an appointment before Christmas can be a struggle as everyone gets ready for party season. That is why it’s important to optimise the extra hour in your day and be flexible with your bookings. Since the pandemic, many industries have seen a shift towards employee wellbeing ensuring people have the time in the day to rest, reset and refuel. As a result, we have seen a rise in lunchtime appointments as people make the most of this enhanced flexibility, especially in the busy pre-Christmas period.”

Rachel Bartee

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