Here’s Why Prince William’s Attitude Towards Hair Thinning Hair is Inspiring

Prince William recently appeared on the Sorted Food YouTube channel to promote the upcoming Earthshot Prize Awards and, during the video, he made a joke about his thinning hair.

Discussing the awards, William noted that the prize has taken years to create, quipping that he “had hair” when he first started Organising it.

It’s wonderful to see that he doesn’t take himself too seriously and seems to have a positive attitude towards his hair-loss struggles. This will likely inspire others in similar positions to feel more confident about their hair too.

Hair loss can significantly impact mental health, as it can cause embarrassment, decrease confidence, and trigger problems with depression and anxiety.

William’s hair loss is likely due to androgenetic alopecia, a hereditary condition passed on through his family. This affects between 30-50 percent of men by 50 years old. 

But remember that hair loss and alopecia is not a male-exclusive issue.

American actress Jada Pinkett-Smith has openly spoken about her struggles with alopecia areata, with female hair loss estimated to affect around 8 million women in the UK.

William’s comments serve as a gentle reminder that hair loss is a real struggle for many people regardless of gender, and although he sees the humorous side to his thinning locks, not everyone will feel the same about their own hair. 

Thinning hair and loss can be a difficult subject and incredibly challenging to deal with, but there are some ways to cope with it.

Share with others

With so many in the UK experiencing struggles with hair thinning and loss, some fantastic communities have emerged to bring sufferers together to talk about their hair loss.

Organisations like Alopecia UK work toimprove the lives of those affected by alopecia and help them regain their confidence.

Being open about the condition can help to promote more understanding amongst the wider population about the physical and mental impacts of hair loss.

Embrace shorter hair 

Losing your hair can be devastating, but shorter hair is nothing to be embarrassed about, and can even look amazing!

Shaved heads are incredibly chic for women, with models like Ruth Bell and Grace Bol appearing all over the world on runways and in magazines with little to no hair.

For men, shaving off the remaining hair for a bald look can be incredibly liberating, or a new way of styling can make you feel happy and confident.

Whatever you choose, short hair can look great and should help people feel like their best selves.

Find a look to make you feel confident

Alternatively, there are plenty of ways to add some thickness to your hair to disguise any areas of thinning on your head.

Toupees, wigs, and hair extensions are all great options for anyone who is not quite ready to commit to a shorter hairstyle, and these solutions can provide a major confidence boost.

Be compassionate

It is important to be kind to others experiencing hair loss, but you must also be kind to yourself if you are experiencing a similar struggle.

Prince William seems to have found humour in his hair loss, but this may not be the case for everyone.

Whilst it is great to see the lighter side of things, hair thinning can affect everyone differently and people with having different thoughts and feelings about it.

Hair loss is never easy to deal with and can take a huge mental toll, so treat yourself with the same patience and understanding that you would offer to others in the same situation.

And seek help from a qualified trichologist and a mental health professional for further support.

By Alice Dawkins, Hair Expert at Milk + Blush