Introducing: freezeframe – the Australian Skincare Brand Putting the Freeze on Wrinkles

Founded by award-winning beauty entrepreneur Sonia Amoroso in 2009, freezeframe is dedicated to solving your most frustrating beauty problems. Their clinical strength treatments are developed with you in mind to deliver your best skin, best body and the confidence to live your best life. Their breakthrough technologies are clinically proven to transform skin and have won numerous awards all over the world.

Let’s meet the hero products!

Eye Solutions:

Freezeframe – Revitaleyes


Unlike most eye creams, which can treat only one major sign of ageing, REVITALEYES is a veritable cocktail of 3 super strength peptides dedicated to treating all 3 major signs of ageing around the eyes, both instantly and long-term. These peptides are combined in a base of vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and our unique gel tensor system which lifts and smooths the eye area in just 30 minutes.

This powerful gel-like balm moisturises and energises the tissue, increasing microcirculation and performing a deep and long-lasting anti-wrinkle, anti-puffiness and anti-dark circle action. Each one of these powerful peptides is included at a clinical level and has been clinically proven to improve its respective sign of ageing.

Freezeframe – Eyelid Lift


Non-surgical EYELID LIFT is a lightweight serum powered by breakthrough peptide technology to provide a dramatic lifting effect to sagging or hooded upper eyelids. 10 years in the making, this powerful upper eyelid lifting serum is the first topical treatment that has been clinically proven to treat ptosis, the most difficult sign of eye aging, without surgery.

The combination of 99.5% natural bio-mimetic peptides and hyaluronic acid inhibits AGEs (advanced glycation end products) and reinforces the structural support network of the skin, strengthening elastic fibres to firm, lift and open the eye area. With an anti-fatigue effect seen almost instantly, EYELID LIFT also strengthens capillaries, reduces inflammation and helps assist lymphatic drainage for a refreshed, open-eyed look.

Body Solutions:

Freezeframe – Breast Enhancer


The non-surgical BREAST ENHANCER is a synergistic blend of 4 powerful topical ingredients which have been clinically proven to enlarge breast appearance in 4 separate trials.

Completely safe and hormone-free, it delivers results that hormone creams cannot. That’s because non-surgical BREAST ENHANCER uses a multi-technology approach—the synergistic blend of ingredients creating a powerful treatment which can volumise, firm and lift the appearance of breasts with one powerful topical cream.

Freezeframe – Tummy Tuck


For the first time ever, a topical cream has been clinically proven to mimic the visual effect of exercise. TUMMY TUCK contains ingredients which are proven to reduce the appearance of flab and visibly shrink the silhouette, whilst firming and toning body contours. A powerful synergy of marine actives, TUMMY TUCK appears to melt away fat and is clinically proven to mimic the visible muscle toning effect of exercise, providing an unprecedented visible slimming, plus tightening and toning, in just weeks.

Face Solutions:

Freezeframe – Wrinkle Block


Working closely with the world’s leading peptide research facilities, freeze frame’s scientists have found a way to block expression wrinkles without paralyzing the underlying muscles. Combining 2 breakthrough peptide technologies, WRINKLE BLOCK blocks expression wrinkles and the wrinkle creases they cause, whilst simultaneously charging skin with the energy it needs to bounce back from expression trauma. Clinical results were seen in both wrinkles and eye bags in just 7 days.

Freezeframe – BB Blur


Discover instantly blurred, smooth and even skin whilst feeding your skin’s microbiome and repairing barrier function. More like 4 products, the new & improved BB BLUR is your tinted -moisturiser, skin-defence expert, airbrush perfector and anti-ageing expert in 1. Their colour adaptive skin-match technology transforms this clear gel into your skin’s perfect match, creating an instant filter to blur away the appearance of skin imperfections whilst reducing shine and evening out skin tone.

Freezeframe – Lash Prescription


LASH PRESCRIPTION is a clear serum which is applied directly to the lash line. It contains a breakthrough peptide technology that has been specifically developed to lengthen the growth cycle of your eyelashes, stop lashes from falling out and as a result, lengthen the appearance of your lashes. This award-winning lash growth serum is scientifically proven to make lashes look over 72% longer and thicker in just 42 days!

Freezeframe – Lip Injection


LIP INJECTION is a powerful dual effect formula which plumps up the volume on lips instantly, whilst performing a long-term volumising effect which can more than double the appearance of lip size in just 4 weeks. The profound plumping effect can even diminish the appearance of vertical lip lines (smoker’s lines) both instantly and long term.

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