Top 5 Trending TikTok Summer ‘Aesthetics’ (Barbiecore, Sofia Richie Aesthetic & More)

Barbiecore is officially the most popular summer aesthetic with 371.9 million TikTok views, and increasing +2,000% in Pinterest searches from last year 

When defining style, Gen Z are all for identifying themselves through ‘aesthetics’ or ‘-cores’. These are defined as visual art styles, sometimes accompanied by fashion/beauty styles, subcultures, or music genres, usually originating from social media.  

With ‘aesthetics’ and ‘-cores’ being the key drivers of fashion and beauty trends, Beauty Daily by Clarins decided to delve into TikTok & Pinterest data to find the fastest-growing aesthetics & cores for summer 2023.  

The Top 5 Trending Summer 2023 Aesthetics

RankAesthetic or ‘-core’HashtagTikTok Views 
#1Barbiecore#barbiecore371.9 Million
#2Sofia Richie Aesthetic#sofiarichiestyle 332.5 Million
#3Mermaidcore#mermaidcore294.4 Million
#4Coconut Girl Aesthetic#coconutgirlaesthetic103.2 Million
#5Sirencore#sirencore66 Million
#6Blokettecore#blokettecore26.4 Million

#1 Barbiecore – 371.9 Million TikTok Views

With the new Barbie movie launch this July, Pinterest searches for ‘Barbiecore’ have increased +2,000% up from last year. It has garnered 371.9 Million views on TikTok – and the trend is defined by all things pink. From hot pink lips to heavy blusher – this is the number one summer trend.

#2 Sofia Richie Aesthetic – 332.5 Million TikTok Views 

Sofia Richie is paving the way for celebrity style this summer, with #sofiarichiestyle garnering 332.5 Million TikTok views. Following her wedding, we’ve also seen a +8,500% increase in Pinterest searches up from last year. Her style embodies TikTok’s ‘quiet luxury’ aesthetic, and the influencer exemplifies laid-back, tailored minimalism. For make-up, think of neutral colours that enhance natural features—for example, nude lip colours and brown or beige eye make-up that looks classic. 

#3 Mermaidcore – 294.4 Million TikTok Views  

From loose waves to iridescent eyeshadow – ‘Mermaidcore’ is in. With the launch of the highly anticipated The Little Mermaid, it’s no surprise the hashtag #mermaidcore has 294.4 million views. Searches on Pinterest have also increased by +2,000% from last year.  

#4 Coconut Girl Aesthetic – 103.2 Million TikTok Views

The ‘coconut girl aesthetic’ embodies all things tropical. Coined in 2021, the aesthetic is rising again as a leading summer trend increasing in Pinterest searches up +5,550% from last year. With the #coconutgirlaesthetic hashtag at 103.2 million views, the aesthetic embodies Y2K surfer girl style. The look embodies hibiscus prints, effortless air-dried hair, dewy bronzed skin, and hydrated, glossy lips.

#5 Sirencore – 66 Million TikTok Views  

‘Sirens’, known as the dark, edgy sisters to mermaids, is an aesthetic on the rise – increasing +10,000% in Pinterest searches from last year. With #sirencore generating 66 million TikTok views, the aesthetic is defined by dark hair, crochet outfits, and seductive dark make-up. ‘Siren eyes’ are especially trending, characterised by sharp inner corner eyeliner that elongates the eyes.

*BONUS* #6 Blokettecore – 26.4 Million TikTok Views 

‘Blokettecore’, by definition, is the aesthetic of stereotypical British ‘bloke’ culture style meets hyper-feminine coquette. Increasing +10,000% in searches on Pinterest Trends from last year, the aesthetic is characterised by baggy football t-shirts, mini skirts, Lana Del Rey-style eyeliner, doe eyes and rosy cheeks.  

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