Here are 2022’s Top Bridal Hair Trends – and How to Achieve them 

Brides across the nation are rejoicing now that summer wedding season is back in full swing after several years of restricted services. 

Nicole Petty, Haircare Expert for Milk + Blush, shares this year’s most popular wedding hair trends and how to achieve them… 

Flippy bobs 

We often think of long hair being the height of romance, but shorter wedding hair is having a moment in 2022. 

According to Google Trends, searches for ‘Kourtney Kardashian short hair’ are up 400 percent, and her flippy bob is a style many have taken inspiration from for their big days. 

One TikToker went viral after giving her hair the chop in-between the ceremony and reception, cutting her uber-long black locks back to a long bob with 90s-style flicked ends. 

To get the look, use a hair mousse to give your locks an oomph of volume, then using a round brush, blow dry the ends upwards to create the flick. Be sure to use the cool setting afterwards to help hair stay in place, and finish by spritzing with hairspray. Alternatively, use hair straighteners or curling tongs if you’re low on time.

Polished ponytails 

With summer heatwaves expected to become more regular, ponytails are a popular style to sport for comfortably enjoying a summer wedding while remaining chic. 

Take inspiration from Ariane Grande, who sported her trademark sleek high ponytail at her wedding last year, adorned with an Audrey Hepburn-inspired veil. 

To get the voluminous ponytail look – make two ponytails with your top and bottom layers. Next, create a gap in the top ponytail you can thread the bottom through to create a layered ponytail look. Or, if you need more length, invest in clip-in ponytail extensions.  

Hollywood waves 

Nothing exudes glamour like Hollywood waves, which makes it a firm favourite among brides.  

And Jennifer Lopez was one such bride showing just how glam the style can be in her recent wedding to Ben Affleck, as she styled her hair in loose curls with the top layer pulled back into a subtle bouffant.  

To recreate the look, use a one-inch curling iron to  curl the hair in layers from the bottom up, holding the curling iron horizontally and roll the hair downwards as though you were using rollers. Finish by gently combing through the curls and positioning the hair to create continuous waves before holding the still-hot curling iron against wAhere they dip, and clip them in place to allow the waves to cool and set.  

Half-up, half-down styles 

Romantic, versatile and effortlessly elegant, half-up-half-down bridal hair is one of the most popular styles for brides to wear, with celebrities such as Nicola Peltz showing us just how desirable the style is for weddings.  

Almost all hair types can wear their hair half-up, but for those with fine hair, consider investing in some hair extensions to avoid the hairstyle looking too thin. 

Additionally, ensure you pay attention to creating volume at the crown with some volumizing spray and minor backcombing. 

Messy buns 

Micro-weddings have been a trend that has stuck around post-pandemic, with many couples favouring smaller and more intimate weddings. And we’re seeing this laid-back attitude to weddings reflected in bridal hair choices. 

But achieving the perfect messy bun can often feel like an impossible task.  

This viral hack on TikTok, which has over six million views, shows how easy it can be to create a romantic updo with minimal effort. 

Start by sectioning your hair into two ponytails and twisting them into rope braids. Next, tie the ends of the hair back into the ponytail to create two loops. Finally, thread one loop through the other to create the bun and secure it in place with bobby pins.  

Amplify the look by pulling out some face-framing pieces and loosely curling the tendrils for the ultimate romantic updo.  

By Nicole Petty, Haircare Expert for Milk + Blush