Makeup Bag Must-Haves for Your Pamper Collection in 2022 

For some people, makeup is a chance to transform themselves into something mystical and exciting. Their collections grow and grow; they have every colour of eyeshadow in existence, ten pairs of eyelashes, glitter and sparkles, the works. For others, makeup is a little scary and overwhelming; perhaps they never learned from a parent when they were younger. For others still, makeup might only be there to enhance their natural looks rather than change them up. Whichever one of these categories you fall into, there are a few basics that no one can start, continue or grow a makeup collection without. These beauty essentials are the foundation of every good makeup collection, no matter how big or small. Without the basics, you can’t have a solid foundation, and without that, all your looks will be incomplete or not last as long as you’d like them to. Join us as we check out the five beauty essentials you simply have to have in your makeup bag.


Whether you’re a full coverage foundation person, a powder foundation person, or a no foundation person, primer is an essential you can’t be without. Depending on your skin type, you’ll need different variations of primer, for example, pore minimising, redness control, or shine control. Face primer works the same way that primer on a canvas does: it primes the surface and gives everything else that comes after it a good, smooth base to hold onto. It keeps everything else on your face from sliding around and prevents the natural facial oils from seeping through and making your face too shiny. Even if all you use is a little cream blush and some highlighter, applying primer beforehand will ensure a far longer-lasting effect.

Foundation/ BB Cream/ CC Cream

While we know that not everybody uses foundation products regularly, they are an essential that you should have on hand should you need them. Depending on your skin and your preference in makeup looks, there are a number of options you could choose from: foundation stick, full coverage or light coverage liquid foundation, powder foundation, tinted moisturiser, CC (colour control) cream, or BB (beauty balm) cream. For some makeup fans, foundation is a non-negotiable step in the process; for others, it’s an optional extra and used only when needed. Either way, it’s good to have on hand should the need arise.

Long-Lasting Mascara

Is there anything worse than your mascara crumbling off after a few hours? Nobody likes panda eyes, after all! You need to have a long-lasting mascara in your arsenal at all times. Lengthening, volume, curl, minimal, whatever it is, it needs to stay on your lashes. Most makeup wearers favour black mascara, but if you like a slightly more natural look, you might want to try out a brown that just coats the lengths of your lashes and makes your eyes pop a little bit. Whether you’re putting it on for a full look or just running out to get some groceries, mascara is your friend.

Setting Spray

If primer is the base coat of the makeup world, then setting spray is the varnish. Applying setting spray to your makeup (before your mascara) helps keep your makeup fresh as long as possible. Setting spray is especially important if you use a lot of powder products: contour may smudge, and eyeshadow may end up under your eyes rather than on your lids if you don’t use a setting spray to keep them where they belong. A few spritzes over your fully made-up face from about 20cm away will be enough to coat and set your look properly.

Glitter Free Highlighter

The only time your highlighter should include glitter is if you’re going to a fancy dress party as David Bowie! What you need is a strobing highlighter that gives a smooth, reflective sheen to your cheekbones, inner eye corners, nose, and cupid’s bow. Highlighting is an excellent trick to give any look you create a well-rounded and fresh appearance. There are liquid, stick, and powder variations to choose from, each of which will offer different colour and coverage options.

Brow Stick or Mascara

If you are one of the fortunate few who are blessed with perfect natural brows, you won’t need a lot of brow products; you might just need a gel instead of the whole kit and caboodle. The rest of us, however, should have brow pencil, pen, or mascara available to pep up our brows a little bit and finish our look off completely. Try all the options to see which one you’re most comfortable with: pencils and mascara are quick fixes, while pens take a steadier hand and a little more time to master and apply.

Final Word

The building blocks of any good makeup collection are now before you. If you keep these essentials on hand, you’ll be prepared for most makeup needs and situations, and you’ll be able to build a reliable collection of any size, starting from the basics.

Anabel Cooper

Anabel is a graduate of King’s College London and upon graduating, she set out on a journey to inspire and empower women through her words. Besides working as a digital marketing expert, Anabel is a freelance copywriter.