Why Do People Go to Turkey for Dental Implants?

Would you like to boost the aesthetic look of your smile? Modern dentistry has an excellent solution — dental implants can do miracles with teeth and return the functionality of the lost originals. Such stunning results are possible only if you choose the right center and dentist. It’s not easy to do on your own because the choice of dental centers is enormous. For this purpose, you can use the option to go to foreign countries to get dental implants and save money. Why don’t you use the services of Bookimed, a free medical platform helping people find reliable and qualified clinics worldwide? You should visit the official site at https://us-uk.bookimed.com/ and arrange dental treatment free of charge. Bookimed patients claim that Turkey is the top destination for getting dental implants. 

Dental Implants Overview

When a patient’s got a single or several missing teeth, dental implantation is the preferred option. Only dental prosthetics can give permanent and natural-looking results. Dental bridges belong to the past, and modern clinics recommend implants as the best alternative. A dental surgeon rebuilds both dental crowns and roots before inserting dental implants. Patients with teeth damaged or completely absent should not hesitate even a second and start arranging their trip to Turkey via the Bookimed platform.

The system of dental implants is well-developed, simple, safe, and convenient. It is your opportunity to make your teeth look natural, healthy, and beautiful. Bookimed works with clinics that deal with trustworthy manufacturers and surgeons who can provide a guarantee for their implant system. The doctor you choose uses high-quality materials which ensure splendid results of the dental work. Most dental centers in Turkey use Nobel Biocare dental implants. Their success rate is 93%, which makes them the best of the best.

The Turkish Healthcare System Level

The Turkish government considers the healthcare sector its top priority. You will not find a more extensive choice of private clinics with highly-qualified doctors and caring staff as in Turkey. Besides, the prices are more affordable compared to the USA, Canada, the UK, and the majority of Western European countries. The Turkish Ministry of Health is convinced that the healthcare of their own citizens and foreign patients is the top priority. The government spends 77+ billion liras on the medical sector per year.

The results of such a smart approach are impressive. Patients from all around the globe have access to 28,000 medical clinics, which provide high-quality medical care. Bookimed cooperates with dental clinics and doctors with international certificates that prove the safety and quality of their work. The index of international certificates obtained by Turkish medical specialists is one of the largest worldwide. 

You can find a lot of information at https://us-uk.bookimed.com/clinics/country=turkey/procedure=dental-implant/. Compare the clinics, facilities, medical staff, and offered prices to make your choice easier.

Turkey Is the Leader in Medical Dental Tourism 

Medical tourism is a highly competitive business niche. And Turkey makes its best to be the No.1 in its field providing advanced healthcare services at a reasonable price. The Bookimed team is a partner with the leading Turkish doctors and centers who undergo internships in well-known American/European institutions. Bookimed receives online requests from patients from the USA, the UK, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Jordan, etc., who trust Turkish dentists. Besides, you can choose the all-inclusive package for your comfort and safety. Affordable prices, friendly medical staff, and all-inclusive services make Turkey very attractive to people from all around the globe. Did you know that 1+ mln medical tourists visit the country per year? You should not miss a chance to install dental implants and save up to 50% on dental services.

How Can the Bookimed Team Assist Medical Tourists?

Bookimed has an excellent reputation in the global medical tourism market. 9,000+ patients send their online requests on a monthly basis. Below, you can check the list of services the platform provides absolutely for free:

  • Enormous Choice of Clinics

Bookimed cooperates with 810+ clinics in more than 35 countries. Patients can pick the best option for dental implants or any other medical needs. You’ll compare the prices and choose the most affordable option.

  • Expert Customer Support

The medical coordinators help patients search for the most qualified and experienced dental doctors and clinics. You should not hesitate to send a request for the best dental program for your budget. The team has answers to all your questions about dental implants.

  • 24/7 Guidance

Patients who arrange dental treatment via Bookimed never feel alone. You will have a 100% excellent experience during your dental journey.

  • Free Services 

Patients get charged neither for medical consultations nor trip arrangements!

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