Top Seven Celebrity Hairstyles in 2022

Looking presentable and occasion appropriate is the key to making an impact. A bad hair day can put off your whole semblance. To participate in the social congregations and look fit, one needs to style the hair as appropriately as choosing the right dress and doing the proper makeup.

Hairstyling is a profession in itself, and who else to look for inspiration than the celebrities who hire professional hairstylists to make their hair match the occasion. Here are some best looks of 2022 that you can try without needing the help of a professional hairstylist.

Dua Lipa’s Hair in New York performance

Dua Lipa’s middle-parted long hair goes very well with her form-fitted suit. This easy-to-achieve look goes well with everyday outfits and can also be styled with funky clothes. If you do not have long hair and want to rock a long hair look, you can use Tape-In Extensions as they stay on your head where ever you go and feel just like real hair with added volume and length.  

Anya Taylor Joy in Long Wave Hair

Anya Taylor Joy looks divine in this side-parted, half waved hairstyle. This clean hairstyle can be achieved with a straightener and a curling wand. You do not need to use excessive hair spray to retain the curls because the soft wave is ideal for this hairstyle. This look can be styled with executive clothing and make you look stunning in posh settings. 

Adele in the “Oh My God’ Song Video

Adele’s wet hair look makes her look both edgy and elegant. This rough and damp hair look can also be easily recreated with a lot of hair gel and styling skills. This look is perfect for parties, festivals, and concert settings. This pulled-back side-parted hair looks good in both long and short hair.

Dua Lipa Performing tour in Charlotte 

Dua Lipa’s pulled-back sleek half-ponytail makes her look neat and fine. This look is more appropriate for long hair but can also be recreated in short hair. To make your hair long, you can use extensions. To get the sleek touch, use hair gel. This look is perfect for all kinds of events and even the workplace setting. 

Cara Delevingne’s Loose Wave

Cara Delevingne’s loose-wavy side-parted short hair look makes her look casual yet classy. This approachable look can be accomplished with a thick curling rod and brushing your hair after curling. Subtle highlights in your hair can enhance the beachy touch in this hairstyle. This look is best for looking sun-kissed on the beach or taking a stroll in the market. This look is more appropriate for mid-length or long bob hair.  

Lily James hairstyle by Danilo Dixon

In a recent photoshoot, Lily James leaves her fans stunned with a wavy ponytail. This voluminous ponytail wrapped with hair is a classy and sophisticated look that can be good for a bride’s maid or a fancy restaurant. This look can be accomplished by using hair gel and curling iron. This look makes the hair look lavish from the backside, and the sleek front brings attention to your face.

Phoebe Dynevor posing for the Women of the Year Award

When it comes to fashion, who to follow better than the up and coming, the Bridgeton lead looks splendid in what is known famously as a Model off-duty look. The small middle part and cute bun can easily be attained with your hair without considering the length or thickness of your hair. This look can be styled with gowns and jeans, and crop tops.

Rita Ora’s bangs 

Rita Ora’s long bangs make her look lively and fun. Bangs never go out of style. Having bangs can be a good idea as you can look styled without putting much effort into your hair. Style your bangs with a ponytail can make you look younger and more energetic. You can style your bangs with a bun for a more elegant touch. 

Rachel Bartee

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