Discover the Vegan Haircare Brand that Hairdressers LOVE

Is your hair feeling lifeless, looking dull and in need of a refresh? Don’t book that salon appointment JUST yet, well, not until you’ve read this article, anyway! The past year has seen us spending a lot of time indoors which means we generally lived in our sweatpants with our hair in a scruffy top knot. Not the most glamorous of looks but when the only journeys we were making were to the kitchen and back to the lounge, can you blame us? Now that life is returning to some sort of normality, with the UK seeing restrictions relaxed, you might find that your social calendar is suddenly booming.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t panic. When it comes to upping your haircare routine, we’ve got everything you need for a salon-inspired look without having to panic book a blow-dry. 

Introducing Maria Nila, the haircare brand that hairdressers are crazy for! Founded in Sweden Maria Nila offers a range of haircare that’s more than just a product. They’re a brand that truly cares, not just about our locks, but the planet and our animal friends. Not only are Maria Nila 100% cruelty-free, all of their products are vegan-friendly, as well as sulphate and paraben free! Formulated with carefully chosen ingredients by chemists, this range of haircare is great for the earth and for your hair.

YCB beauty writer, Tilly-Jayne Kidman, has been testing out a selection of the Maria Nila products and she’s letting you in on her favourites. Summer hair, we’re ready for you!

Heal Shampoo 

My hair has definitely been neglected in recent months, I regularly bleach my hair so it can become dry and limp quite quickly if I don’t take care of it. Thankfully, the Heal range from Maria Nila has been designed to nourish hair and I couldn’t wait to try it out. The Heal shampoo is also a hair growth stimulating shampoo and has been formulated with natural ingredients including Aloe Vera extract to prevent dandruff and treat any scalp problems. People can also get hair extensions by Muse Hair Design in Portland here if they have thinning hair. If, like me, you colour your hair then this might also be the perfect option for you as it works to increase growth but also prevent hair loss too. Dandruff sufferers will also love this product as it works to heal the scalp and keep dandruff at bay. 

Heal Conditioner 

The conditioner also works to promote hair growth and naturally treat scalp issues. The nourishing formula preserves colour by protecting hair from UV radiation which is especially useful as we head into the summer months. Both the shampoo and conditioner offer a wonderful unique floral scent of White Jasmine, Galbanum and Linden Blossom. If your hair is in desperate need of moisture, or if you suffer from any scalp issues such as dandruff, this is the range for you. It also comes in a handy gift pack too which includes a bit of a saving. After a couple of weeks of using this shampoo, teamed with the conditioner, my hair felt stronger and healthier. A thumbs up from team YCB!

Structure Repair Shampoo

Keen to explore more of the range, I swapped the Heal shampoo and Conditioner for the Structure Repair collection. This shampoo is designed to revitalise dry and damaged hair – ticking both boxes for me as a bleach blonde. Formulated with Algae to help repair hair and add softness, I had high hopes for this. I’ll start by saying that the Maria Nila products all smell gorgeous, and not in an overpowering artificial way. This shampoo had a lovely light Vanilla, Rose and Jasmine scent that is simply divine. And the formula? I can’t imagine using a different shampoo now. My hair feels thicker, luscious and 100% summer-ready. While both shampoos were excellent, the Structure Repair is perfect for coloured, dry hair like mine so I have to say this is definitely my new haircare go-to. 

Structure Repair Conditioner 

The conditioner also works to transform damaged and dry hair, as well as acting as a detangler which for my hair, is exactly what is needed. My hair is generally quite knotty, and can be a tricky task to tackle when wet, so this was a huge bonus and I found that the formula was indeed very effective at preventing knots and detangling my hair. 

I’m really impressed with both of the formulas I tried out, and can’t wait to discover more of the Maria Nila range. It’s no wonder hairdressers are raving about this brand! Whether you suffer with dandruff, a lack of moisture or need a bit of a volume boost – there’s a range to suit you. 

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Tilly-Jayne Kidman

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