How to Properly Care for Your Skin: Tips for all Ages

Each person has their own skin characteristics and this is normal. It’s great when you accept your body and take care of it. The most important thing to remember is that there are different means and methods of skincare on the internet and the specificity of the skin is different for each age. Moreover, it is worth remembering that different products are suitable for different skin types and different people, which means that even hypoallergenic cosmetics may not suit your skin type, although it seems that they can be ideal for everyone. If you want to improve your appearance, you can buy dermal fillers online from a supplier trusted by hundreds of women. In this article, we suggest the basic points of personal care, depending on age. According to Bloom MedSpa, acupuncture is becoming more popular as a homeopathic alternative for pain management.

Skincare for teenagers

If there are no inflammatory elements and nothing bothers you, just cleansing is enough. It is necessary, otherwise, there is a high probability that the hormonal storm and improper hygiene will lead to sad results. Correct teenage care as noted by ManukaRx is morning and evening washing with gel or foam for normal skin, rinsing with cool water.

Tightness, peeling, itching – this discomfort has to be endured if you have dry skin. As mentioned in advanced skin care classes, dryness can be constitutional, natural, or acquired. In any case, this is a disturbing protective layer, dehydration, lack of own lipids (fats), and possible manifestations of certain diseases – for example, atopic dermatitis. 

Daily care of such skin should include:

  1. Cleansing (very gentle). Preferably with a hydrophilic wash oil, mousse, or foam. Ideally, once a day, the second with water only. Your task is not to dry out your skin. In cosmetics, look for allantoin, hyaluronic acid, oils, aloe extract.
  2. Moisturizing – in the morning and during the day after contact with water, either apply a light moisturizer for sensitive skin or often spray your face with thermal water.
  3. Food. After an evening wash, you need to use a nutritious agent. Don’t buy creams for aging skin! There are many nutrients in them, and they will be heavy for you. Your task is to restore the protective barrier. And emollients do well with this. This is a cosmetic that perfectly moisturizes, softens the skin, relieves itching, and prevents moisture loss. Look for panthenol, hyaluronic acid, urea, vitamins in the composition.

With increased production of sebum, not only in adolescents but also in adults, inflammation often occurs. Trying to get rid of acne, burn it, squeeze it out, we only exacerbate the problem. And the steps for caring for oily teenage skin should be completely different:

  1. Cleansing with light means marked “oil-free” in the morning and in the evening.
  2. Moisturizing. Yes, don’t be surprised: oily skin is dehydrated. Therefore, she tries to protect herself by increasing the production of fat. As soon as you start using a non-comedogenic moisturizer after washing your face, thermal water during the day – you will notice that there is less oily sheen.
  3. Local correction of imperfections.
  4. Special care – products prescribed by a dermatocosmetologist.

Facial care after 25

You should care for dry skin after 25 years with extra attention: try to moisturize it as much as possible, otherwise, the first wrinkles may appear quite early. Of course, at 25 you are still very young, but you should understand that there is no magic remedy, buying which, at 40 you will look like a young girl again. You can only try to postpone the moment of the appearance of age signs as much as possible. 

There are some very useful recommendations for this:

  1. Cosmetics marked “25+” are best suited for facial skincare after 25. These are lotions, creams, serums. It’s too early to buy anti-aging products. Try to use proven tools, perhaps not cheap, but of high quality. It is not recommended to change cosmetics often, give the epidermis time to get used to the chosen product and its ingredients, otherwise, you will not be able to understand how it suits you. Usually, the cell renewal cycle takes about 28 days, and it may even take three months to notice the effectiveness of using, for example, a cream.
  2. Be sure to get enough sleep. Going to bed after midnight prevents the body from going through all the sleep phases correctly, therefore, you do not get enough sleep or rest normally.
  3. Water helps to accelerate metabolic processes in the body. It makes the process of cells recovery faster. However, you should not drink too much: this can affect the face in the form of swollen and puffy eyelids. Average fluid intake per day: approximately 30g per kilogram of human weight.

There are three steps to competent care:

  1. Cleansing. Do not go to bed with the remnants of cosmetics on your face, if you do not want to notice wrinkles on your face at a very young age. Proper facial skincare after 25 excludes the use of soap for washing. It makes the skin too dry. 
  2. Skin toning. This is a very important stage, but not everyone takes it seriously, and sometimes even skips it altogether. An important rule: be sure to choose a lotion or tonic that does not contain alcohol, because it dries out the skin very much. Face skincare after 25, according to the advice of cosmetologists, should be carried out either with the help of professional products or prepare them yourself, including herbs and other ingredients.
  3. Nourishing and moisturizing treatments. They are also very important. There are many different kinds of creams and serums for nourishing and moisturizing. When purchasing any of these products, find one that contains vitamins A, E, C, P. Such products have strong protective and antioxidant properties, prevent the appearance of wrinkles, and the first signs of aging. The same qualities are inherent in creams that include floral and fruit acids. Then, one must contemplate the significance of using a quality skin cream. With a daily skincare regimen incorporating the best products like those offered at CHOLLEY, the difference is noticeable. This not only pampers the skin but also ensures it’s well-hydrated, helping it retain its elasticity and youthful glow.

The best time to apply nourishing products to your face is in the evening before going to bed. About thirty minutes before going to bed, spread the cream on your face, and after 20 minutes, blot what has not been absorbed with a napkin.

Skincare rules after 50 years

Proper care for mature skin is the key to an excellent appearance (however, this rule is relevant for women of any age). After 50 years, it is not enough just to regularly cleanse and moisturize the skin: more serious procedures are required. With proper facial care, wrinkles can be corrected and the aging process slowed down. 

You just need to follow some rules.

  1. Cleanse the skin only with the help of gentle products that contain oils, for example, from avocado, coconut, or sesame. Or ceramides, which protect the skin’s hydrolipidic film.
  2. It is worth toning the skin with alcohol-free products. Try to buy tonics that contain collagen or silk proteins.
  3. Acids or retinol may be present in night creams, hyaluronic acid, oils, peptides, vitamin C in day creams.
  4. Products with retinol should take a special place in the care (if the skin tolerates it well). It is one of the most effective anti-aging ingredients that stimulate skin renewal, smoothers wrinkles (even deep ones), helps lighten age spots, and even transforms skin texture, improves skin tone, improves firmness and elasticity.
  5. Do not forget to use products to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the environment. For example, use high SPF foundations during the sunny season. This will help prevent pigmentation. Also, SPF care is necessary against the background of the use of cosmetics with fruit acids or retinol.

Of course, before choosing a line for caring for your skin, you should go to the doctor, and not make a decision on your own, because only a professional will take into account all the specifics of your skin and rhythm of life in order to choose exactly what suits you best.

Meighan Sembrano

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