The Best Fruit Extracts that are Perfect for Healthy Hair Growth

Choosing the best hair growth products for healthy hair growth is quite challenging, given all the choices with various ingredients offered in the market. Yet, when you see hair growth serums, shampoos, or conditioners with fruit extract as an ingredient, you’d be more inclined to make a purchase. Fruits are healthy ingredients loaded with nutrients that can encourage and preserve your hair’s pristine condition. Get to know some of the best fruit extracts your hair needs for healthy hair growth. If you click here, you can learn more about the different types of hair smoothing techniques.

7 of the Best Fruit Extracts that Can Augment Healthy Hair Growth

Below we list seven of the best fruit extracts for hair growth products…!

1. Orange extract

The orange extract does not only give you a refreshing feeling when you smell its citrusy scent, but it is also a healthy ingredient for your tresses. Thanks to orange extract’s vitamin C content, your hair will be protected against free radical damage. Its natural moisturizing and antimicrobial properties also help keep your hair’s environment clean and healthy.

2. Kiwi extract

Kiwi, or Chinese gooseberry, is a fuzzy green fruit that has made waves in the world of hair care products. It is another citrus fruit. Hence, it’s not surprising that it’s also a potent source of vitamin C. Kiwi extract is a package of minerals that can help grow your tresses. With minerals such as zinc and magnesium, you can help strengthen your strands and avoid hair breakage. Kiwi extract also helps encourage collagen production, which is beneficial for building keratin.

3. Amla extract

If you’re looking for an age-old treatment for hair growth, you can use amla extract. This particular substance, extracted from Indian gooseberries, acts as a natural moisturizer for your dry scalp. It is also jam-packed with antioxidants, such as flavonoids, helping you safeguard your follicles against any form of damage. 

4. Lemon extract

When you talk about home remedies for healthy hair growth, never leave lemons out of the conversation. Lemon juice has innate bleaching qualities, which can help lighten your hair strands naturally. Besides being a top source of vitamin C (just like every other citrus fruit), it also helps balance the natural oil production on your scalp, preventing you from getting greasy hair and pate. In turn, you can also avoid dandruff problems.

5. Tomato juice

Fact check: tomatoes are considered fruits. Tomato juice is potent in vitamins A and C, full of antioxidants that keep your follicles healthy. It contains lycopene, an important antioxidant that improves blood circulation and reduces bad cholesterol. It can also promote collagen production, which is beneficial for both your hair and skin. 

6. Strawberry extract

If you’re up to some sweet-scented hair growth products, you may want to check out strawberry extract. It does not only have a delicious smell, but it is specially packed with vitamins that can keep your tresses in healthy condition. The antioxidants present in strawberry extract have protective properties against collagen damage, making it a good ingredient for hair and skincare items. You can also use the seeds for exfoliating your scalp.

7. Peach kernel extract

Peach kernels are also beneficial to your scalp. The kernel extract has vitamin E with potent antioxidant properties against free radicals. Peach kernel extract can also tame your frizzy hair by coating your hair cuticles and sealing enough moisture for your tresses. This substance is also non-sticky and non-oily, which means you can comfortably slather this extract on your hair and scalp.

Go Natural with the Help of Fruit Extracts

Fruit extracts can be obtained by squeezing the fruits or buying fruit essential oils in the market. However, if you can’t get a hold of these fruits at home, you can still buy hair growth products, such as serums, shampoos, and conditioners, all with fruit extract. With fruit extracts as your ingredients, you’ll never go wrong with these healthy natural remedies for hair growth.

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