Harley Street’s Dr Hiba Injibar on the 5 Most Common Conditions Treated with Laser

The demand for aesthetic procedures has increased over recent years as our culture has become increasingly concerned about appearance and “cosmetic perfection”. Ensuring your skin is fuzz free is indeed key to feeling and looking your best, however in a somewhat confusing market, it can be difficult to find the right practitioner for you and also to fully understand exactly what each beauty treatment offers and to what extent each particular treatment can help your skin condition, if you are looking to go down this route. Here is the best Las Vegas laser hair removal from Touch Up Laser that you can check out in case you want to feel confident about yourself.

Do you know what laser can treat and why it’s so effective? Dr Hiba Injibar is one of the UK’s most experienced dermatologist consultants, with a clinic located in London’s prestigious Harley Street. Her eye for detail and honest consultations are reassuring for her many regular patients who want natural looking results. Today she is sharing the 5 most common conditions treated with laser. People can Discover More here about the best skincare practices.

1. Facial veins and red birthmarks 

A birthmark defines its owner. Marilyn Monroe’s and Cindy Crawford’s face would undoubtedly look remiss without their moles. However, whether you opt to remove or embrace your birthmark as part of your identity, you may want to hear what Dr Hiba Injibar has to say on the topic. We quickly learnt that red birthmarks more specifically known medically as hemangiomas, are non-cancerous, but their appearance can be severe nevertheless. Dr Hiba Injibar told YCB: ‘These birthmarks are formed due to an abnormal collection of blood vessels, and can often develop lesions or sores, which combined with their unsightly appearance, can cause patients to seek treatment.’

‘Other types of birthmarks, including port wine stains or those caused by excess pigmentation, may also cause cosmetic concern, and can be effectively treated using lasers.

Birthmarks can be safely removed from almost any area of the body and face, including around the eyes. They are broken down gradually until they fade away over the course of several treatments.’ 

As we get older, we may notice that small veins begin to show through the skin, particularly on the face and neck. Most commonly the result of a genetic predisposition, smoking, or prolonged exposure to sunlight, these veins are known as thread veins, and usually occur on the face or legs. ‘Thread veins may be purple, blue, or red, and although not harmful, can be unsightly. However, they do have the potential to develop into more painful, and serious, varicose veins, so it is better to treat thread veins before this occurs.

2. Freckles and sun damage (photo-damage)

Summer freckles are lovely, however over-exposure to the sun can leave us with many unwanted reminders on the skin. The potentially dangerous U/V radiation leads to an over-production of melanin as the skin attempts to reflect this radiation, causing the formation of freckles and hyperpigmentation. ‘Hyperpigmentation can leave entire areas of an individual with obvious patches of darkened skin, making summer a visual memory hard to forget, and all for the wrong reasons.’ Says Dr Hiba Injibar.

What’s more, these areas of discolouration age us considerably. So how can laser treatment help?

Dr Hiba Injibar tells us: ‘The thermal energy featured within laser treatment is used to remove the damaged outer layers of skin in which the symptoms of sun exposure best present themselves. The treatment also awakens the skin’s natural process of collagen and elastin production, two substances used to help the skin repair itself.’ 

3. Acne and surgical scars

Acne or blemished skin can affect women of all ages, it is common place in your teens but imagine the feeling of suddenly getting adult acne after years of clear skin? A big confidence knock! What’s more, acne can leave scarring.

Dr Hiba Injibar says: ‘Every time the skin suffers an injury, it runs the risk of healing with a scar. Scars can vary wildly in appearance, ranging from light, silvery-coloured lines on the skin to prominent, raised keloid scarring. Most of us have scars, but for some of us, it can be more of an issue than for others.’ Those who have scars and wish to conceal may find that they suffer with their self-esteem and are restricted in their clothing options to hide unsightly areas of scarring. ‘On occasion, scarring is not simply a cosmetic concern, and may be uncomfortable, itchy, or constrictive to movement, driving patients to seek to remove them.’

Acne is an occurrence of inflamed or infected sebaceous glands under the skin due to blocked hair follicles. The infected glands can appear on the face, neck, back and body which cause blemishes such as black heads and spots to appear on the surface of the skin, resulting in red, sore, breakouts which can leave scarring. This can be treated through treatments like this acne treatment in Houston, TX.

Dr Hiba Injibar continues: ‘If you’re embarrassed or self-conscious about the appearance of scarring caused by acne for example, laser skin resurfacing may provide the ultimate solution. Utilising a form of advanced skin resurfacing, a treatment that can aid in the appearance of various skin conditions, laser scar removal can be used to remove the damaged formation of skin, allowing fresher, healthier skin to replace it as it heals.’ 

4. Wrinkles and aging skin

Whilst the beauty market is infiltrated with wrinkle creams, eye serums and face masks, laser skin resurfacing is another path you can go down to fight wrinkles and aging skin. ‘Laser skin resurfacing is an innovative treatment for addressing various skin concerns, including lines and wrinkles, pigmentation problems, and even some forms of pre-skin cancer.’ Speaking with Dr Hiba Injibar, we quickly learnt how this particular treatment is highly effective at smoothing the skin, evening tone, and brightening the complexion. With controlled depth of penetration, both superficial and deeper skin issues in even the most delicate facial features can be effectively and safely treated.

‘During laser skin resurfacing, thermal energy is used to remove the damaged outer layers of the skin, helping to reveal fresher, healthier skin underneath it, as well as stimulating its natural repair functions. Laser skin resurfacing targets problem areas with pinpoint precision, so that the surrounding tissues and structures remain undamaged whilst outstanding results are still achieved.’ 

5. Hair removal

Body hair is totally natural, but some of us believe that we look our best without it. This is especially true for those who may grow hair excessively or in unsightly areas. If you’ve dabbled in hair removal, you’ll know that whether you choose to shave, wax, or use depilatory creams, it can be a costly or time-consuming process.

A non-invasive way to permanently reduce unwanted hair, laser hair removal like this laser hair removal in Bowie, MD offers unparalleled results when compared to other hair removal methods. Not only does laser hair removal prevent hair regrowth in the treatment area, but also keeps your skin smooth and healthy, particularly for those who suffer with ingrown hair or other skin irritation caused by shaving or waxing.

Laser hair removal works by emitting energy in the form of light to heat up the hair follicle. The heat travels down the hair before destroying the root, cutting off the blood supply essential for healthy hair growth. Discover why so many people trust Moonlight Laser Hair Removal for effective and safe treatments in Toronto.

For more information or to book your appointment with Dr Hiba Injibar, visit www.dermasurge.co.uk or give the clinic a call at 020 7935 4654

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