Minimalism in Beauty Treatments: What Do You Really Need to Look Stunning?

Minimalism is taking over not only the world of design of virtually everything but the beauty industry as well. Gone are the times when the “beauty experts” filling the Web were lauding skin care programs that took more hours in the day than a job and cost thousands. In fact, the insane spendings on beauty treatments and cosmetics might be part of the reason why minimalism is rocking today. After all, when the amount of money a woman spends on skin and hair care with makeup to boot equals the exorbitant sum you need to get through Harvard, something must be done. So here comes the trend for beauty minimalism, which encourages using only what’s needed instead of everything, with a Botox infusion on top.

The good news is that this particular trend is not only able to save you enough money to put your kids through college. It’s also perfectly justified because you can perform the vast majority of beauty treatments yourself obtaining materials at much more reasonable prices than salons charge. Of course, there are some things you can only entrust to professionals, but those are few and none of them are what you’d consider “mandatory”. The only exception is haircuts, but if you go with the buzzcut trend rocking the fashion world today, you’ll be able to do those at home easily as well.

Embrace Minimalism: 3 Types of Beauty Treatments You Shouldn’t Skip, But Which You Can Do at Home

Hair colouring

Hair colouring is, by no means, a “mandatory beauty treatment. But over 75% of all women do it at some point, and there is absolutely no reason for you to pay extra to get it from a salon today. You can easily purchase professional-grade products that are used in salons and apply them at home.

As long as you have someone to help with the application in place you can’t reach and if you follow instructions to the letter, you have nothing to worry about.

You can also use supplementary products that will help make even your first at-home colouring perfect. Those products are a barrier cream and stain removal, which will allow you to avoid ruining your looks with stains left by the dye.

You can find things like this and other helpful stuff among colouring aids from Fanola. Stick to brands that sell salon-grade products as they are higher in quality. Therefore, the results you’ll be able to achieve will look very similar to what you can actually get in a salon.


Facials can have a tremendously positive effect on your skin. No matter how good your creams and serums are, they won’t be able to match that effect because a facial is, in essence, a concentration of all the goodness that rejuvenates and nourishes your skin.

Facials in beauty parlors are also quite expensive, especially if you opt for some fancy variety like Diamond and Ruby peel (uses actual precious gems dust) or Vampire facial (uses your own blood).

The good news is that you can actually get a facial that’s just as good, and much less gross compared to the last example, with the help of products in your pantry. All you’ll need are some oatmeal with honey, fruits, and oil of your choice (coconut and olive oils work best, but nut oils are a good choice as well). Prepare your own scrubs and mix up a variety of face masks packed with antioxidants from oils and fruits.

Enjoy your at-home facial once a week to look your best at all times and postpone the arrival of wrinkles. And the same principle applies to deep-conditioning treatments for hair.

Chemical peels

If you want an Ageless Skin Rejuvenation, chemical peels is a great option. Chemical peels are the kind of beauty treatment that you’ll need to invest extra in even if you do it at home. It’s necessary to purchase the products to use during the procedure. Luckily, you should be able to find many online with good discounts. You may also try having these chemical peels in Baton Rouge, LA or skin rejuvenation in Tucson, AZ.

These treatments are a definite must for your minimal beauty routine because they polish the skin and help gently remove imperfections, like pigment spots left by acne. And you can’t really replace them with homemade peels because those won’t be as efficient. The good news is that the products you’ll need will last you a while. And if you follow the instructions carefully, you will be able to avoid any problems while getting skin that glows with health. They also work well in fighting the first visual effects of aging.

Wassana Lampech

Wassana Lampech is a medical technology graduate and a freelance writer. She has been writing since her college days, and has been a freelance writer for the past 4 years. You can follow her on Twitter here: @wassmam