5 New Year Resolutions For Glowing Skin in 2018

A new year comes and we make commitments to ourselves to be a better, healthier and happier person in the new following 12 months (and hopefully beyond!)

Here at YCB, we sat down to speak with Dr Ejikeme – Medical Director at Adonia Medical Clinic – who shared her 5 top resolutions for having a glowing skin in 2018.


In order to get and maintain a nice healthy complexion, it is essential to re-hydrate constantly, with at least 2 litre of waters per day and by eating water-rich foods. Your lighter face creams should be swapped in for richer night creams and oils to really keep the skin hydrated.


By exfoliating regularly you encourage a more even fade compared to the natural exfoliation that happens over time. It also allows moisturisers and oils to reach deeper in to the skin for better effects. Exfoliate the skin 2 or more times a week for best results for removing dead skins and aiding circulation.


The motivation to exercise is often less in the winter months, however it is essential. Movement enables lymphatic drainage and constant circulation which then enables skin to be energised and glowing. Exercise 3-5 times a week will help maintain your overall health, as well as youthful, healthy skin.


Cooler months at the beginning of 2018 are more likely to encourage skin problms, such as eczema or dermatitis , to flare up it is important to avoid anything that worsens this. Avoiding allergens and irritants such as chemicalladen detergents will help prevent these problems. Using moisturisers designed for your specific skin type will also improve skin quality.


Using luke-warrm water instead of hot water to shower, bath or wash your face will benefit your skin by preventing any essential oils and moistue being stripped from the skin.

Meighan Sembrano

London based journalist Meighan Sembrano is an expert in beauty and skin related concerns and topics. She has contributed a vast range of research papers and features in the Health and Fitness field.