Get Out To Get In To Yoga

One of the great things about living in London is the plentiful green spaces that can be found right in the city itself! You don’t have to leave town in order to soak up some sun away from the chaos of the loud streets and busy roads.

There are many amazing benefits to doing yoga such as the Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, and getting away from the confines of the four walls of the studio can go a long way to inspiring your practice.

Connecting With Nature

The word yoga itself means ‘union’ in Sanskrit, and this union between yourself and the earth is all the more evident when you practice yoga outside. With the grass beneath your toes and the breeze on your face you will feel an affinity with Mother Nature that you simply can’t find inside a studio.

Being able to feel the warmth of the sun on your body as you flow through your sun salutations will bring you closer to the energy of the earth itself. Additionally, if the ground is suitable then you can even forego the yoga mat and truly feel the earth beneath your body. Having a slightly uneven surface can help to intensify the benefits to both your balance and posture.

When you attend a class in a yoga studio it is normal that your teacher might try to recreate the ambiance of the outdoors, whether it is with the lighting or with calming sound effects. They may even use certain scents to arouse your senses. When you have an abundance of green beauty on your doorstep (as you do in London!) why settle for an imitation?!

Best Outdoor Places to Practice Yoga in London

Green Park

You may not expect to find such an idyllic spot right between Buckingham Palace and Mayfair. With the combination of camera-happy tourists flocking to the palace, and the continuous flow of business people coming and going through Mayfair, it might be a surprise that such a scenic spot exists where you can practice yoga. However, Green Park is a luscious stretch of calm amidst the chaos. Here it is easy to find the perfect spot under a tree to get your yoga on.

Richmond Park

If you are seeking some solitude for your yoga practice, then Richmond Park is a prime choice! As the largest of the eight Royal Parks in London, it is also the biggest enclosed outdoor space in the city at over 2,500 acres. Wandering into Richmond Park with your yoga mat will inevitably involve seeing some wildlife along the way. And, with the great cycle paths that wind through the park, you can easily get deep into the wilderness to find your very own secluded spot!

Greenwich Park

If you want some stunning views whilst you work your way through your asanas then Greenwich Park is the park to head to. As the oldest of London’s Royal Parks it is a great place to soak up some culture and history after you’ve completed your practice.

The Walks

The Walks, also known as the Inn’s Gardens, is a privately owned green space that dates back to the 17th century! You can find all 5.8 acres of The Walks close to Chancery Lane, and as you delve into this beautiful area you will soon discover the wildlife and wide variety of plants and trees. What could be better to surround yourself with while you indulge in a relaxing yoga session?


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