Top 10 Bizarre Beauty Trends to Grace Social Media

Top 10 bizarre beauty trends to grace social media

Kim Kardashian bleached eyebrows

From 100 layers of nail polish and rainbow-coloured eyelashes to bleached eyebrows a la Kim Kardashian and glittering beards, the world has seen a variety of bizarre beauty trends come and go.

We have teamed up with online hair and beauty retailer to bring you the top ten of the most weird and wonderful cosmetics trends that have taken social media by storm.

While we’re all fans of a slick of nail polish and a dash of mascara here at the YCB HQ, some beauty bloggers out there are going the extra mile and jazzing up their make-up routines with bright colours, glitters and kinda crazy patterns. Also, included as bonkers beauty trends are clown contouring(!), silver hairspray and crystallised lips – many of which have been spotted parading down the catwalk.

Joanne Dodds from said: “There are always new beauty trends taking the industry by storm but some really stand out as being totally bizarre.

“Clown contouring was a firm favourite with bloggers this year and while it gives a stylish and flawless finish, it is an unusual way of applying your make-up. The step-by-step pictures always look crazy. 

“It is great to be creative with make-up and hair but I doubt many of us will be trying out some of these looks!”

Here are ten of the most bizarre beauty trends:

1. Clown contouring

Clown contouring YouTube blogger BellaDeLune

It may sound like a joke but this unusual applying technique does actually work. Developed by YouTube blogger BellaDeLune, it is a way of blending highlighters, bronzers and blushes into your face to achieve a contoured look. The colours are applied in a ‘clown’ design on to the skin before being buffed together.

2. Rainbow eyelashes

Eyelash extensions are perfect for achieving a long-length full look but now beauty fans are taking them the extra mile and buying rainbow coloured sets. This colourful finish really jazzes up a make-up look.

3. Nail polish mountains

polish mountain beauty trend

This creation first came to light in June this year when a video was uploaded to the Internet showing what happens when 100 layers of nail polish are applied to a set of nails, with the hashtag ‘polish mountain’. This has since become a challenge for many beauty bloggers who have uploaded videos of their own mountains – with some even taking it to new heights of 280 layers.

4. Bleached eyebrows

Forget bold brows – it was all about bleached eyebrows on the catwalks this year. Models were spotted sporting white-blonde brows and bloggers and celebrities were quick on the uptake of the latest trend, including Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus. Be careful before trying though as it can make the hair brittle and dry and is hard to reverse.

5. Glitter roots

We’re used to quickly hiding any signs of roots coming through but now beauty fans are showing off their new growth by giving them a glittery makeover. This trend went viral on Instagram late last year but was huge during this year’s festival season. It’s also perfect on the run-up to that ever-important hairdresser appointment.

6. Crystallised lips

A slick of your favourite lipstick or lipgloss is now no longer enough – it’s all about stick-on gems for your lips these days. Think small red, pink and even brightly coloured jewels glued across the lips for a majorly embellished finish.

7. Baking

Kim Kardashian baking Mario Dedivanovic

This is another unusual but effective way of contouring and is said to be used by Kim Kardashian’s make-up artist, Mario Dedivanovic. Otherwise known as ‘cooking’, it involves letting translucent setting powder sit on your face, over the top of your make-up, for five to 10 minutes. This allows the heat from your face to set your base foundation and concealer. It is then dusted off the face leaving a flawless finish.

8. Sequin tears

Eye bling is now a thing and glitter is streaking down the cheeks of models, celebrities and bloggers. All it takes is a few funky metallic gems in shapes such as teardrops and stars and applying to your cheek using beauty-based adhesive. Voila – sequin tears!

9. Silver hairspray

Silver hairspray beauty trend 2016

The silver fox look has been a hit with fair-haired ladies looking to try something new with their hairstyle, but for those who don’t want to go the full hog and dye their hair a shade of silver, try a spritz of coloured hairspray. This will give a temporary fix before deciding whether to take the plunge.

10. Glitter beards

Not all beauty trends are for women – bearded blokes are getting in on the action and jazzing up their facial hair with a dosing of glitter. Think gold and silver from the sideburns all the way down to the tip. The bigger the beard, the better.

So, clown contouring anyone? 

Charlotte Giver

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