Is Your Skin Summer-Ready? Max Your Skin’s Fitness With skinChemists!

Is your skin summer-ready? Max your skin’s fitness with skinChemists!

summer ready skin with skinChemists

This week the Your Coffee Break office has gone a little crazy for the latest releases from skinChemists!

A firm brand favourite of ours anyway, we couldn’t wait to try out the latest products from the wizards of skincare. Said to provide instant smoothness we were keen to test these out!


The first product we tried was the skinChemists non-surgical instant facelift. We certainly liked the sound of this one! This serum contains active ingredient Magnesium Aluminium Silicate which is apparently an MUA’s best kept secret for its ability to instantly tighten skin for increased elasticity, and a reduction in lines and wrinkles. Sounds good to us!

We love the unique packaging of this serum which features a round pot with a large pump. The serum felt light and didn’t leave a greasy feel when we applied it to our target areas. We delicately applied this to our under-eyes and forehead which are obviously common areas for fine lines and wrinkles. We admit, we were slightly skeptical as to whether this product would miraculously rid our tired under eyes and lines. But much to our joy, we found from just a few applications of this miracle product our lines were greatly reduced. The serum managed to significantly reduce the deepness of the lines and it did a fantastic job of fading them altogether. Very impressed! Now we’re wondering how we ever managed without this little gem on our dressers!?

The second product we tested out was the skinChemist instant eyelift. This product immediately caught our eye due to the insanely cool packaging it comes in! It’s designed to look and work like a syringe and we just love this creative approach! A big thumbs up before it’s even touched our skin.

According to research, we blink up to 12,000 times a day. Now that’s a lot of blinking! This, mixed with our expressions can cause strain on our skin and lead to visible signs of ageing and wrinkles. Therefore finding a treatment to ease those fine lines is of high importance!

From just one application before bed, by morning our under eyes felt much smoother and it also helped with our dark circles  – bonus!! Although don’t get us wrong, a hefty morning coffee was still required!

Both products have become absolute staples in our skincare routine and it really is worth investing into if you’re after youthful skin and reduced fine lines. That’s the funny thing about growing up, one minute you have fresh youthful skin and the next it’s like the wrinkles all crept in overnight! But there’s no need to panic, skinChemists have got your back.

Both products are available to buy via &!

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